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Erie Railroad

Rochester-Mount Morris Electrification

The first cars built for the Philadelphia and Western RR never ran on the P&W, since the cars were completed before the line was ready to open. Twenty-two wooden electric multiple-unit passenger cars and 2 full-baggage-configured MU's were built for the P&W by the St. Louis Car Co. in 1906. The San Francisco fire and earthquake of April 18, 1906 left the United Railroads short of cars. President Pat Calhoun of the URR went east to several car builders looking for any available cars. Sixteen cars (12 motors and 4 trailers) went to the URR of San Francisco. The other six cars were sent to Erie RR's Rochester Division where they became 3100 to 3105.

The Erie electrified the Mount Morris branch at 11,000 volts AC in 1907 and was the first such installation in America. Eight motor cars and four trailers provided the service. Six of the cars were the remaining P&W cars. Freight trains and through passenger trains were steam powered. On November 29, 1934, the electrification was replaced with a gas-electric motor car. On September 30, 1941, all passenger service ended, and the line was cut back to Avon.


Motor Cars


5012 was built by Bethlehem Steel--Electro Motive in January 1931, #473.  It was leased in the 1940s as New York Susquehanna & Western 5012 and was returned.  It was retired in January 1951 and sold as Central Ohio Railfans Association 5012.  It was transferred to Ohio Railway Museum where it is gradually destroying itself.

5015 was built by Bethlehem Steel and powered by Electro-Motive in January 1931, #476. It was sold to American Aggregates in 1951,



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