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Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific

Freight Cars


248 was a pipe gon converted from a composite gon.

10601 was a reefer.

12181 was a 50 foot double door DF box Car

16605 was a 50 foot single door DF box car.

29920 was a 40 foot double door DF box car.

30296 was a single door DF box car.

31163 was a rib side box car for the top half and flat side for the bottom half.

33579 was a flat side box car.

39696 was a rib side box car.

50885 was a later box car put to other uses after abandonment.

67115 was a bulkhead flat.

72438 was a gon.

93705 was a covered hopper.

104955 was a coke car rebuilt from a stock car.


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