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Work Cars

X228 was an early pile driver.

X671 was built by Pullman under order 6297 and powered by Electro-Motive in March 1930, #437, as Northwestern Pacific 902.  It became Southern Pacific 13.  It was sold as Milwaukee Road 5941 and rebuilt as line motor X671.  It was scrapped in 1965.

X868 was an outfit car.


X1005 was a tool car.

X1251 was a track department tool car.

X900207 was built by Cooke in August 1908 #45425 as 10. It was renumbered X900207 and then rebuilt in 1958. Alaska RR acquired it in 1981 as their 4 and retired it in 1984. It is on display at a roadside park called Potter Section House.

X900227 was rebuilt from a steam locomotive tender.

X900236 was similar.

X900238 was similar.


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