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Route 12

This line began in 1897 as 12th-WISCONSIN from C&NW Depot via Wisconsin Ave and Grand Avenue to 11th to State St to 12th to Burleigh. In May 1902 the route was changed to operate from 12th and Center via Center to 17th to Hopkins to 27th to Atkinson to 32nd to Cameron to 35th terminating at Villard. Between December 1902 and September the 12th Street Stub operated between Center and Burleigh. In 1907 the line was extended from Villard to Silver Spring. In 1912 the 12th-VIADUCT route was added to operate from 35th and Silver Spring via 35th, Cameron, 32nd, Atkinson, 27th, Hopkins, 17th, Center, 12th, State, 11th, to Clybourn and then to 16th and over the viaduct to 11th Avenue (16th St) to Muskego Ave to Forest Home Ave. In 1920 the original 12th-WISCONSIN was restored with a loop at the C&NW Depot instead of the stub termination. In 1926 Grand became West Wisconsin Ave. In 1928 the line was one-manned. In 1931 the line north of 27th and Atkinson was replaced by Route 27. In January 1951 the line was routed over Wells, and Wisconsin Avenue was abandoned. On November 18, 1951, the line was replaced by busses.

The end of the line at the C&NW Depot was a stub until 1920.

Several lines come from the north east area at Jackson.

The Milwaukee River bridge was the dividing line between Grand Avenue and Wisconsin Avenue until 1926 when Grand became East Wisconsin and Wisconsin became West Wisconsin. Dad bought me a suit at Browning-King, but it was some time after the photo was taken. Just past it was the Riverside Theater where Dad and went to a vaudeville show on December 7, 1941. When we came out, the newsboys were yelling "Extra, Extra."


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