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Kansas Trolley Lines


 Arkansas Valley Interurban Ry.

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Hutchinson & Northern Ry.

1 was built by General Electric in 1921, #7897, as General Electric no number.  It was sold as H&N 1 in 1923 and acquired by Orange Empire Railway Museum in 1970.

2 was built by General Electric in February 1919, #6988, as East Erie Commercial RR E8.  It was sold as H&N 2 on July 21, 1926, and retired in 1963.  It was sold a scrapper but sold to Kansas Underground Salt Museum for display in 1970.

3 was built by General Electric in August 1948, #29312, as Kansas City Public Service Co 2.  It was sold as H&N 3 in March 1959 and sold as Iowa Terminal RR 66 in 1972.  It was resold as Middletown & Hummelstown RR 3 in an unknown date.

4, S1, was built by Alco in June 1945, #73353, as South Omaha Terminal Ry 1.  It was sold as H&N 4 in December 1969 and sold as Abilene & Smoky Valley RR Assn 4.

5, S1, was built by Alco in June 1945, #73579, as SOT 4.  It was sold as H&N 5 in December 1969.

6, SW900, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1957, #23298, as Fernwood Columbia & Gulf 900.  It became Illinois Central Gulf 900 in 1972 and sold as H&N 6 in 1983.

Kansas City Kaw Valley & Western Ry.

Kansas City Kaw Valley RR


We have a full page on this lines.

Kansas City Leavenworth & Western Ry.

Kansas City-Leavenworth Ry.

This was the first Kansas City interurban, completed in January 1900 as the Kansas City-Leavenworth Ry. The line was 26 miles long and entered Kansas City over the local streetcar lines and Leavenworth over street trackage operated by the local street railway which was owned by the KC-L. In 1905 it was sold to the Fisk-Robinson group and renamed Kansas City Western. Frequent passenger service provided revenues which made the line profitable and little freight was hauled. The interest burden, however, brought the line into bankruptcy in 1920, and it was reorganized as the KCL&W. Net earnings covered the reduced debt charges, and the line even survived the worst of the depression. In 1938 the building of a dam would have flooded a portion of the line and funds were not available for track location, and this ended operation.

Construction Car.

4 "Delaware".

Missouri & Kansas RR

The Strang line was built in 1906 by W. B. Strang using gas-electric cars built by Brill and powered by six cylinder gas engines driving a generator which powered two 50 HP traction motors on each car. The cars were lavish and the entire railroad was built to promote home sites out of the Kaw River flood plain. Operation began in 1907 and a total of 4 cars was built to operate the 17 mile line between Overland Park and Olathe. Each car was named rather than numbered since this was a first class operation.

By 1908 it was apparent that these cars were totally inadequate for the grades on the line and the line went into receivership. Two of the cars were sold tot the Dan Patch line in Minnesota where they were quickly rebuilt with more power. The other two remained on the property and were electrified along with the rest of the railroad by January 1909. This also allowed entry into downtown Kansas City over the local car lines.

Passenger service was hourly for many years. There was also carload freight handled. In 1925 the line was modernized with lightweight passenger cars. The road was reorganized in 1929 and managed to earn a small profit until 1938. All service was abandoned on July 24, 1940.

107 was built by Brill in November 1906 under order #14877. It was rebuilt as an electric car in 1908 and rebuilt as a freight motor shortly after the lightweights arrived.

115 was built by American Car in August 1925, #1402.

Southwestern Interurban Ry.

Arkansas City & Winfield Northern Ry.

SWI was built between Arkansas City and Winfield (13 miles) in 1909.  It was purchased by the owners of Arkansas Valley Interurban in 1922 and became AC&WN.  There was improvements but the president was killed in a plane and the line was abandoned on June 8, 1927.

6 was built by American Car Co in July 1909, #797.

20 was built by American Car Co in July 1909, #795.

Union Electric Ry.

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Wichita RR & Light Co.



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