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Don's Rail Photos

Italian Trams



Azienda Mobilitą e Trasporti

Genoa tram service ended in 1967.

1103 was built by Breda in 1942.  It was sold as Tramways de Neuchātel 1103 in 1967 and renumbered 593 in 1980.  It was scrapped in 1987.

1104 was built by Breda in 1942.  It was sold as TN 1104 in 1967 and renumbered 594 in 1980.  It was scrapped in 1988


Azienda Tramviaria Municipale

We have a full page on the trams of Milan.


Azienda Tranvie Autofilovie Napoli




 Ferrovia Benevento Napoli



 Ferrovia Napoli Piedimonte

115 was built by MAN in 1910.


Societe per l'Esercizio di Pubblici Servizi

Et106, Class Et100, was built by Aerfer/Ocren in 1958.



Agenzia per i Trasporti Autoferrotranviari del Comune di Roma

We have a full page on the trams of Rome.


 Ferrovia Roma-Pantano

03 was built in 1926.


Societą delle Tramvie e Ferrovie Elettriche di Roma




Rete tranviaria di Torino

3276 was built by Fiat-SEAC in 1958.


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