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Don's Rail Photos


Missouri Trolley Lines


Bellefontaine Ry.


33 was built by Andrew Wight Car Co in approximately 1870,

Bevier & Southern

We have a special page on this coal hauler.

 Bi-State Development Authority

We have a special page on St. Louis light rail.

Cross County RR

2 was built by American Car Co.

Kansas City & Westport Electric Ry.

1 was built by Alco-General Electric in 1907, #41613, 2522.  It became part of Kansas City Ry in 1916 and became KCPS in 1925.  It was scrapped in 1956.

Kansas City Clay County & St. Joseph Ry.

We have a special page on this interurban line.

Kansas City Public Service Co.


St. Francois County RR

This line was completed between DeLassus and Flat River via Farmington in 1904. It was operated for many years by the Mississippi River and Bonne Terre, a Missouri-Illinois subsidiary. Connection was made with the MR&BT at Esther and with the M-I at DeLassus. It was sold to local businessmen in 1926 after the MR&BT abandoned its line south of Elvins. Another connection was made with the M-I at Hurryville. Since the line from Flat River to Hurryville was paralleled by the M-I, that segment was abandoned in 1927. Passenger service ended in 1927 and freight service was operated using the two passenger cars. The road was dieselized in later years and was totally abandoned in 1957 when the last remaining business, hauling coal to a hospital, was lost when gas was substituted.

50 was built by McGuire-Cummings in 1908 as locomotive 100 of the Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern. In 1911 it was rebuilt as a center entrance branch line car as shown. In 1927 it was sold to the StFCRR, where it retained its number.

54 was built by McGuire-Cummings in 1916. It was sold to the StFCRR in 1932.

St. Joseph & Savannah Interurban Ry.

This 11 mile line was built in 1911 from St. Joseph to Savannah and was owned by the St. Joseph Railway Light Heat & Power Co. Entry to St. Joseph was over the local lines and the Savannah terminal was at the square. It outlived the local car lines and was not abandoned until the late 1930s.

2 was built by American Car in December 1910.

3 was built by American Car in December 1910 and was later renumbered 23.

St. Joseph Ry. Light & Power Co.

172 and 174.

St. Louis Car Co.

There is a full page on this company.

St. Louis Public Service Co.


St. Louis Waterworks Ry.

7 was built by American Car Co in 1910.  It was renumbered 17 in 1919 and sent to Museum of Transportation in 1959.

11 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1914, #1032.  It was retired in 1955.

Southwest Missouri RR

5, 35 Ton, was built by SWM in 1927.  It was retired in 1939 and sold to Mack Trucks Co.  It was rebuilt as Mack 5, a gas electric locomotive and sold as Wanamaker Kempton & Southern 35 in 1978.  It was retired in 1995 and partly scrapped.  The remains were purchased by J C McHugh and parts used for another Mack locomotive.

Union Rail-Road





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