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Massachusetts Trolley Lines


Bay State Street Ry.


Berkshire Street Ry.




302 was built by Osgood-Bradley Car Co in 1926.  It became Connecticut Co 3202.

307 was built by Osgood-Bradley Car Co in 1926.  It was sold as Connecticut 3207.

310 was built by Osgood-Bradley Car Co in 1926.  It was sold as Connecticut 3210.

"Berkshire Hills" was built by Wason Mfg Co in 1903.  It was retired in 1922 and the body was sold as a diner in 1932.  There was a fire in 1994 and the remains were given to the Seashore Trolley Museum.

Boston & Worcester Street Ry.


141 was built by Bradley.

Boston Elevated Railway

Metropolitan Transit Authority

Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority


Joe Cushing RR

1 was built by General Electric in 1893, #1437, for General Electric for the Columbian Exposition.  It was sold as Manufacturer RR 1 in 1893 and became New York New Haven & Hartford RR 1.  It was rebuilt by GE in 1901, #1607, and sold as JCRR 1 in 1905.  It was purchased by GE for preservation in 1948 and given to National Museum of Transportation in 1964.

Eastern Massachusetts Street Ry.

We have a full page on this line.

Newton & Boston Street Ry.


Union Street Ry.


254.  It was scrapped in 1945.



407 was built by Osgood-Bradley Car Co in 1917.

610 was built by Osgood-Bradley Car Co in 1929.


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