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1502, SW1200, Class GR-12c, was built by Electo-Motive in May 1955, #20415, as Grand Trunk Western 1507, Class GR-12c. It was renumbered 1202 in 1956 and 1502 in 1957. It was transferred to CV in 1963 and later returned to GTW.

7919, S2, Class MS-10a, was built by Alco in January 1942, #69654.  It was renumbered 8095 on April 1, 1957, and transferred as GTW 8095, Class MS-10a, in 1968.  It was retired in 1977 and sold as Railway Equipment Leasing Co 1055.  It was leased to Chestnut Ridge RR.

8081, S4, Class MS-10j, was built by Alco in September 1955, #81401. It was retired on December 4, 1987, and was sold to K&L Feed Co as 1.  It was sold to Connecticut Eastern Railway Museum in 1999 and restored as CV 8081.



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