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Iowa Trolley Lines


Albia Interurban Ry.

1 was built by Stephenson in 1892 and rebuilt as a line car by AIRy 1 . It was acquired in 1925 by Iowa Southern Utilities 1 and sold to Columbia Park & Southwestern at Olmsted Falls, OH, in 1968.

9 was built by Barber Car in 1912 as a single truck car. It was sold and rebuilt as double truck car Centerville Albia & Southern Ry 9 in 1915.  It was sold as ISU 9 in 1916 and SIRy 9 in 1941.  It was used in work service until restored by the NRHS. In 1968 it was sold to the Midwest Electric Railway Museum  at Mount Pleasant.

Boone City Street Ry.


Cedar Rapids & Iowa City

 Interurban Passenger Cars.


Charles City Western

There is a full page covering this interurban line which also operated diesels.

Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Ry.

Davenport & Muscatine Ry.

Iowa & Illinois Ry.

There is a full page covering this interurban line.

Des Moines Railway

Des Moines City Railway

City Cars.

Non Revenue Equipment.

Des Moines Railfans

999 Jr was built by American Car in 1913, #975, as Des Moines Ry 318..  It was donated to the DMRF and numbered 999 Jr.

Fort Dodge Des Moines & Southern Ry.

Passenger Cars.

Freight and Non-revenue Equipment.

Iowa Electric Light & Power Co.

This company is included in the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City locomotive page.

Iowa Southern Utilities Co.

Southern Iowa Ry.

We have a full page on this line.

Iowa Terminal RR

Iowa Traction RR

Mason City & Clear Lake RR

We have a full page on this line.

Iowa Transfer Ry.

The Iowa Transfer owns a transfer yard in Des Moines which was built in 1907. It was owned by the Rock Island, the Burlington, Chicago Great Western, Des Moines Union, and Des Moines Western. The DMW was owned by the Ft Dodge Des Moines & Southern. Service was provided by the owning roads until 1920 when the trackage was electrified and a locomotive was leased from the WCF&N In 1922 it was purchased. In 1932 switching was turned over to the connecting railroads until 1936, when electric service was restored. By 1950 the overhead was in need of replacement, and the an Alco S1 was purchased. In 1970 switching was returned to the connecting lines and the diesel was sold.

1 was built by McGuire-Cummings in 1914 as Waterloo Cedar Falls & Northern 180. It was leased in 1920 and became IT 1 in December 1922. It was rebuilt in October 1923 at Waterloo with a larger cab. In 1936 it received a pantograph, reportedly from the Milwaukee Road. In August 1950 it became FDDMS 208 and it was scrapped in 1956.

Keokuk Electric Co.

103 was built by St Louis Car Co in about 1920.  It was sold as Toledo & Indiana RR 135 in 1928 and resold as Georgia Power Co 473 in 1940.

Midwest Electric RR

1776 was built by Rio de Janeiro Tramway Light & Power in 1911 as 1776.  It was sold to U S Association of Railway Museums in 1965 and sold to Magee Transportation Museum in 1966.  It was sold as MERR 1776 in 1973.

Sioux City Service Co.

We have a full page on this system.

Tama & Toledo Electric Ry. & Light Co.

This little line opened in 1894 its namesake towns with two LaClede single truck cars. They did a little freight hauling including coal to the power plant. In 1912 it was acquired by Iowa Railway & Light Co and the name was changed to Tama & Toledo Ry. In 1919 the line was relocated. Leander Clark College closed and the state took over the property for an orphanage. They insisted that rail service be available to supply coal. A freight belt was built around the edge of Tama directly to the orphanage. Meanwhile the city of Tama decided to pave the street on which the trolleys ran, and the railway would be assessed. So the railway moved the passenger service to the freight belt. An electric locomotive was acquired in 1920, probably from the Crandic since both properties were under the same ownership. Passenger service was replaced by a bus in 1925 and apparently the freight service was de-electrified at the same time. 2nd number 1, 22 1/2 Ton, CL-6, Whitcomb July 1929, #12897, upgraded the service.

It was replaced by number 2, 25 Ton, General Electric 1944, #27810, and 1 went to Iowa Electric Light & Power Co. All service ended on January 1, 1953, and 2 went to IEL&P at Marshalltown.

5 was built by St Louis Car in 1908, Order #787.

Trans-Mississippi Trolley Co.

161 was built by Brill in June1927, #22529,  as Philadelphia & Western Ry 61.  It was rebuilt as 161 in 1931 and became Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co 161 in 1948.  It became Southeastern Pennnsylvania Transportation Authority 161 in 1970.  It was sold to Keokuk Junction Ry as TMT  161 in 1991 which had a stepwell added.  It was sold to New York Museum of Transportation in 1996

163 was built by Brill in June 1927, #22529, as P&W 63.  It was rebuilt as 163 in 1931 and became PST 163 in 1948.  It became SEPTA 163 in 1970.  It was sold as TMT 163 in 1991 which had a stepwell added.  It was sold and rebuilt by Edwards Co as a gas dining car, Mount Dora Tavares & Eustis RR M-201 in 1999.  There were mechanical problems and it was stored in Alabama.

165 was built by Brill in March 1924, #22010, as P&W 60.  It was rebuilt as 165 in 1931 and became PST 165 in 1948.  It became SEPTA 165 in 1970 and retired on August 23, 1986.  It was sold to KJRy in 1991 and modified as TMT 165.  In 1995 it was sold to El Reno and rebuilt from electric to propane power.  The car was rebuilt and renumbered as Canadian County Historical Society 145.

168 was built by Brill in 1929, #22773, as P&W 68.  It was rebuilt as 168 in 1931 and became PST 168 in 1948.  It became SEPTA 168 in 1970.  It was sold as TMT 168 in 1991 which had a stepwell added.  It was sold to New York Museum of Transportation in 1996.

Tri-City Ry. & Light Co.

322 was built by Chicago Union Traction Co in 1900.  It was an open car and rebuilt by Chicago Surface Lines in 1918.

1486 was built by Chicago Union Traction Co in 1900 as CUT 4535.  It was rebuilt as 1486, instruction car, on September 30, 1912, and sold on November 12, 1917, as TCRL 1486.

Union Electric Co.

Un-numbered sweeper was built by McGuire Cummings in 1911.



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