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British Columbia Electric Ry.

City Cars

BCER operated city cars in Vancouver, Victoria, and Vancouver North.




69 was built by BCER and scrapped in 1948.

70 was built by BCER.

76 was built by BCER.

83 was built by BCER.

87 was built by BCER.


123 was built by BCER.

159 was built by Brill and scrapped in 1947.

235 was built by BCER.

236 was built by BCER.

276 was built by Brill.

325 was built by Preston.

381 was built by Preston and scrapped in 1948.

Vancouver had 36 PCCs. Bodies only were supplied by St. Louis and they were finished out by Canadian Car & Foundry. 400 was built by St. Louis Car in 1938, order #1616, and it was scrapped in 1948. 401 thru 403 were built by St. Louis in 1940, order #1626. 404 thru 420 were built by St. Louis in 1942, order #1637. 421 thru 436 were built by St. Louis in 1943, order #1644.

706 was built by Canadian Car & Foundry in 1925.

The city cars ran out of a two story car barn.



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