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Don's Rail Photos

Table of Contents



B&D Mills
Texas Flour Mill


B&K Engineering Co.


Babcock & Wilcox Co.
The Boiler Makers


Babcock Lumber & Boom Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag


B&O Station
Display Locomotive at Youngstown


Badger Mining Corp.
Wisconsin Sand Pit


J. W. Bailes Co.
Florida Gravel Pit


H. Bairstow Co.
Indian Hill & Iron Range RR
Indiana Gravel Plant


Balfbour Beatty Rail
Engineering Company 9/6/17


Baldwin Locomotive Works


Ballarat Tramways
Australian Tram Line


Ballard Terminal RR
Washington Short Line


Baltimore & Annapolis RR
Maryland Interurban  


Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal RR
Another Fallen Flag 1/4/18


Baltimore & Ohio RR
Index 4/3/18


Baltimore Transit Co.

Bamberger Railroad
Interurbans in Utah


Bangor & Aroostook


Bangor Hydro Electric Co.
Maine Traction


Banner Industries, Inc.
Ohio Machinery Dealer


Barium Steel Co.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Barre RR
Vermont Fallen Flag


Barre & Chelsea
Vermont Short Line


Barre-Collingwood Ry.
Cando Short Line


Bartlett & Company
Multi-Site Grain Dealer


Basic Refractories, Inc
Ohio Brick Factory


Basler Verkehr-Betreibe
Baselland Transport
Swiss Trams 11/17/17


Bates White Lime Co.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Bath & Hammondsport Ry.
New York Short Line


Batson & Hatton Lumber Co.
Mississippi Fallen Flag


Batten Kill RR
New York Short Line


Bauxite & Northern RR
Arkansas Short Line


J. H. Baxter Co.
Wood Preserving Company


Bay Area Rapid Transit
California Heavy Rail


Bay Coast RR
Delmarva Short Line


Bay Colony Ry.
Massachusetts Short Line 12/2/17


Bay Line RR
See Atlanta & St Andrews RR


Bayou Steel Corp.
Louisiana Steel


Bay Point & Clayton RR
California Bay Area Short Line


Bay Shore Street Ry.
Wisconsin Traction Line


Bay State Street Ry.
Massachusetts Traction Line


BDL Corp.
Locomotive Leasor


Beaufort & Morehead RR
North Carolina Short Line


Becker Sand & Gravel Co.
Southeast Aggregates


Beebe River RR
East Branch & Lincoln RR
White Mountain Central RR
New Hamphire Lumber become tourist line


Beech Grove Traction Co.
Indiana Trolley Line 7/14/17


Beech Mountain RR
West Virginia Lumber Road


Behr Iron & Metal Co.
Illinois Junk Yard


Belfast & Moosehead Lake RR
Maine Short Line


Bell & Zoller Coal Co.
Illinois Mines


Bellefonte Central RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


Bellefonte Historical RR
Pennsylvania Tourist Line


Bellefonte Ry.
St Louis Early Street Cars


Bellequip Corporation
Fallen Flag Canadian Leasor 1/17/18


Bellingham Bay & British Columbia Ry.
Milwaukee Road Predecessor


Beloit Traction Co.
Wisconsin Street Car Line


Belton RR
Texas Short Line Fallen Flag  


Belt Railway of Chicago
Terminal Railroad 12/11/17


Belvidere & Delaware River RR
New Jersey Short Line


Belvidere City Ry.
Illinois Trolley Line


Bengal Nahpur Ry.
Indian Rail Line


Benoit Girard Metal, Inc.
Quebec Scrapper


Benwood & Wheeling Connecting Ry.
West Virginia Short Line


Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Murren
Swiss Tourist Line 2/12/18


Bergdorf-Mark Eisenbahn
German Fallen Flag


Bergens Elektriske Sporvei
Norwegian Tram


Berg Metals Co.
California Junk Man


Berkshire Scenic Ry.
Massachusetts Tourist Line


Berkshire Street Ry.
Massachusetts Trolley Line


Berlin-Anhaltische Eisenbahn
German Fallen Flag


Berliner Verkehrsbetreibe
German Tram


Berlin Mills RR
New Hampshire Short Line


Berlin-Potsdam-Magdeburger Eisenbahn
German Fallen Flag


Berlin Street Ry,
New Hampshire Traction Line


Berman Bros. Iron & Metal Co.
Birmingham Scrap Dealer


Berner Oberland-Bahn
Swiss Rail Line 11/11/17


Bern-Lotschberg-Simplon Bahn
Swiss Rail Line 11/11/17


Bern-Neuenburg Bahn
Swiss Fallen Flag 11/11/17


Swiss Fallen Flag 1/1/18


Berthold Farmers Elevator
North Dakota grain 11/3/17


Berwick Forge & Fabricating Co.
Pennsylvania Industry


Berwind Railway Service Co.
Repair Service


Bessemer & Lake Erie
Steam Locomotives 4/5/18
Diesel Locomotives 9/11/17
Rolling Stock


Bethlehem Steel Corp.
Fallen Flag Steel Company 4/16/18


Bevier & Southern RR
Have Train, Will Haul


BHP Billiton Ltd.
Australian Mines


BHP Nevada RR
Mining Fallen Flag


Biddeford & Saco RR
Maine Traction Line


Swiss Railroad 2/27/18


Big Creek & Telocaset RR
Oregon Short Line


Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Co.
New York Industry 5/6/17


Big Four Coal Co.
West Virginia Miner


Big West Oil LLC
Utah Industry


BioFuel Energy
Gasoline Substitute


Birmingham & Southeastern RR
Alabama Fallen Flag


Birmingham Corporation Tramways
English Trams


Birmingham Electric Co.
Trolleys in the Pittsburgh of the South


Birmingham Ensley & Bessemer Ry.
Birmingham Trolleys


Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co.
Locomotive Resales


Birmingham Slag Co.
Fallen Flag


Birmingham Southern RR
Alabama Switching Road


Bi-State Development Authority
Light Rail in Saint Louis


Charles Black Gravel Co.
Steam in Louisiana


Black Hills Central
South Dakota Tourist Railroad


Black Hills Power & Light Co.
South Dakota Electric Plant


Black Hills Warehouse
South Dakota Warehouse


Blacklands Ry.
South East Texas Short Line


Black Mesa & Lake Powell RR
Arizona Electric Coal Railway Line


Blackmount & Haverhill RR
New Hampshire Fallen Flag


Black Mountain RR
North Carolina Short Line


Blackpool Corporation
British Trams


Black River & Western
New Jersey Short Line 8/30/17


Black River Traction Co.
New York Traction Line


Blackwater Lumber Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag


Blackwell & Northern Ry.
Oklahoma Fallen Flag


Blackwell Northern Gateway RR
Oklahoma Short Line


Blairsville Eastern RR
Penn View Mountain RR
Blairsville & Indiana RR
Pennsylvania tourist line


Blake Brothers Co.
California Contractor


Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Co.
Fallen Flag


Bloomer Line Connecting RR
Illinois Short Line


Bloomington & Normal Ry. & Light Co.
Illinois Traction Line


Bloomington Pontiac & Joliet Electric Ry.
Illinois Short Electric Road


Blue Circle Cement Co.
New York Factory
South Carolina Factory


Blue Earth Farmers Elevator
Minnesota Grain 3/18/17


Bluegrass Railroad Museum
Kentucky Museum 7/1/17


Blue Mountain & Reading
Pennsylvania Short Line 9/30/17


Blue Mountain RR
Watco Fallen Flag  


Blue Ridge Paper Co.
South Carolina Industry


Blue Ridge Stone Co.
Virginia Quarry


Blue Rock Transportation Co.
Ohio Short Line


Bluestone Mining & Smelting Co.
Nevada Fallen Flag


Bluff City Electric Ry.
Predecessor of North Shore


Boeing Aircraft Co.
The airplane people


Bois d'Arc & Southern Ry.
Texas Fallen Flag


Boise & Western RR
Idaho Fallen Flag


Boise Cascade, LLC
Paper and wood


Boise RR
Idaho Street Railway


Boise Valley Traction Co.
Idaho Traction Line


Bolton's Crown Quality
Texas Grain


Bombardier Inc.
Locomotives and Rail Cars


Bonneville Transloaders, Inc.
Wyoming Industry


Boone & Scenic Valley RR
Iowa Tourist Line 8/19/17


Boone City Street Ry.
Iowa Horse Car Line


Boone Valley Co-op Processing
Iowa Ag Fallen Flag


Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern RR
Mississippi Fallen Flag


Border Pacific RR
Texas Short Line  


I. Bork & Sons
Peoria Scrap Dealer


Bosques de Chihuahua
Mexican Logging 1/16/18


Boston & Albany
Fallen Flag


Boston & Maine
Index 3/27/18


Boston & Providence


Boston & Worcester Street Ry.
Massachusetts Trolleys


Boston Elevated Ry.


Boston Revere Beach & Lynn RR
Massachusetts narrow gauge 6/12/17


Bountiful Grain & Craig Mountain RR
An Idaho Short Line


Harry P. Bourke Co.
Michigan Industry


Bournemouth Corporation
English Trams


Boyne City RR
Fallen Flag Michigan Short Line


BP Petroleum
The Oil Company


Brandon Rail
Short Line and Car Maintenance Service


Branford Electric Ry.
Connecticut Traction Museum


Branford Steam RR
New Haven Trap Rock Co.
Connecticut Gravel Pit


Branson Scenic Ry.
Passenger Service in Missouri


Brandywine Valley RR
Pennsylvania Short Line 6/29/17


Branham & Baker Coal Co.
Kentucky Miner


Braswell Sand & Gravel Co.
Arkansas Fallen Flag


John Breakey, Ltd.
Quebec Fallen Flag Lumber Company


Braunschweiger Verkehrs-AG
German Trams


Brengle Brothers Co
Fallen Flag Florida Company


Bridgeton & Saco River RR
Bridgeton & Harrison RR
Maine Narrow Gauge


Brewster Phosphates Co.
Florida Fallen Flag


Bridgewater Resources Inc.
New Jersey Junk Dealers


John Brigham
Texan Private Car


Swiss short line 12/20/17


Brillion & Forest Junction Ry.
Wisconsin Fallen Flag


Brimstone Railroad
Shays in Tennessee


Brisbane City Council
Australian Tram Line


Bristol & Northwestern RR
Virginia Fallen Flag Tourist Line


Bristol Industrial Ry.
Penn Eastern Rail Lines
Pennsylvania Short Line


Bristol Street Car Co.
Tennessee Horse Car Line


British Columbia Electric Ry.
British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority


British Columbia Ry.
Canadian Regional 8/3/17


British Railways
English Trains 1/15/18


British War Department
The Army


Britton Lumber Co.
Florida Logger


Broadway Diner Train
Tennessee Fallen Flag


Broderick Wood Products Co.
Colorado Superfund Site


E. G. Brooke Iron Co.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Brookfield Zoo
Chicago Area Narrow Gauge


Brooklyn & Queens Transit
Older Passenger Cars
8000 Series Peter Witts
Non-revenue Equipment


Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal
Fallen Flag New York Switching Line 1/31/18


Brooklyn Historic Railway Association
Failed Heritage Trolley Line


Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corp.
Fallen Flag New York City Transit


Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co.
Fallen Flag New York City Transit


Brooks Run Coal Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag


Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Co.
Fallen Flag


Brookville Locomotive Works
Pennsylvania Builder


Brownsville & Rio Grande International RR
Texas Short Line  


Bruggers & Monson
California Leasor


BTR Farmers Coop Association
North Dakota Elevator


BTR Terminal
Oklahoma Elevator


Buck Creek Lumber Co.
Alabama Fallen Flag


Buckeye Central Scenic RR
Ohio Fallen Flag


Buckeye Feed & Supply Co.
Indiana Private Short Line


Buckingham Branch RR
Virginia Short Line


Buckwheat & Durham RR
Ontario private railroad


Budapesti Közlekedési Vállalat
Hungarian Trams


Budd Company
Car Builder


Buick Div, General Motors Corp.
Michigan Plant


Buffalo & Lake Erie Traction Co.
Buffalo & Erie Ry.
New York-Pennsylvania Traction Line


Buffalo & Pittsburgh RR
New York Regional Road


Buffalo & Susquehanna RR
Fallen Flag


Buffalo Creek & Gauley RR
West Virginia Short Line


Buffalo Creek RR
Fallen Flag New York Switching Road 8/5/17


Buffalo Ridge RR
Minnesota Short Line


Buffalo Rochester & Pittsburgh RR
Fallen Flag 10/9/17


Buffalo Slag Co.
New York Fallen Flag


Buffalo Southern RR
New York Short Line 11/4/17


Buffelen Lumber & Manufacturing Co.
Washington Fallen Flag




Bulkmatic de Mexico
Transloader 2/24/18


Bullard Machine Co.
Connecticut Fallen Flag


Bunge Corporation
Grain Company


Burdick Grain Co.
Ohio Elevator


Burlington Junction RR
Iowa Short Line 8/19/17


Burlington Muscatine & North Western Ry
Iowa Fallen Flag Short Line


Burlington Northern RR
Index   4/15/18


Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR
BNSF Railroad
Index 3/11/18


Burlington-Rock Island RR
Regional Texas Railroad


Burnett Steamship Co.
Fallen Flag Boats


Busch Gardens
Florida Tourist Trap


Bush Terminal RR
New York Traction Switching Line


Butte Anaconda & Pacific RR
Steam, Diesels, and Electrics 8/1/17


Butte Copper Mining Co.
Montana Fallen Flag


Roy Butler
Texas Bunk Car


A. M. Byer Co.
Pennsylvania Industry



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