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Don's Rail Photos

Table of Contents



I&M Rail Link
Fallen Flag 10/29/17


Idaho & Washington Northern


Idaho Northern & Pacific
Idaho Short Line


Ideal Cement Co.
The concrete guys.


IEI Bridge Service
Illinois Terminal Service


IEI Container Service Corp
Iowa Fallen Flag 2/4/17


Illinois & Midland RR
See Chicago & Illinois Midland


Illinois Brick Co.
Fallen Flag Narrow Gauge


Illinois Central
Illinois Central Gulf
Index 12/10/17


Illinois Central Electric Ry.
Fallen Flag Trolley Line


Illinois Iowa & Minnesota
2-6-0 1


Illinois Midland Ry.
Northern Illinois Fallen Flag Short Line


Illinois Northern Ry.
Chicago Switching Line 4/11/17


Illinois Railnet
Fallen Flag Short Line


Illinois Ry.
A OmniTrax Line 1/17/17


Illinois Railway Museum
Illinois Electric Railway Museum
I was one of the earliest active members 11/12/17


Illinois Slag & Ballast Co.
Chicago area construction supply


Illinois Steel Co.
Fallen Flag Industry


Illinois Terminal RR
Index 2/20/17


Illinois Western RR
Short Line


Illinois-Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Co.
Illinois-Wisconsin Sand & Gravel Co.
Rockford area quarry 4/11/17


Independent Locomotive Service
Lessor & Rebuilder 11/24/17


Indiana & Ohio RR
Regional   11/16/17


Indiana Box Car Co.
Reseller and Leasor Locomotives 11/23/17


Indiana Grain Cooperative
Indiana Farm Bureau Cooperative
Indiana Fallen Flag


Indiana Harbor Belt RR
Chicago Switch Line 3/25/17


Indiana Hi-Rail Corp.
Fallen Flag 10/18/17


Indiana Midland RR
Fallen Flag Short Line


Indiana Northeastern RR
Regional Line 12/2/17


Indiana Northern RR
Fallen Flag Short Line


Indianapolis & Cincinnati Traction Co.
Indianapolis & Southeastern RR
Indiana Traction Line 5/23/17


Indianapolis & Eastern Ry.
Indiana Traction Line 3/16/17


Indianapolis & Louisville Traction Co.
Indiana Traction Line


Indianapolius Columbus & Eastern Ry.
Ohio Traction Line 2/18/17


Indianapolis Columbus & Southern Traction Co.
Indiana Traction Line


Indianapolis Coke & Gas Co.
Indiana Power Plant


Indianapolis Rys.
Master Unit Cars
Electric Trolley Buses
Non Revenue Cars


Indianapolis Southern Ry
Illinois Central predecessor


Indianapolis Union RR
Fallen Flag Switching Line 6/7/17


Indiana Railroad
Heavyweight Passenger Cars
Lightweight Passenger Cars
City & Suburban Cars 9/7/17
Freight & Non-Revenue Equipment


Indiana Rail Road
Regional Road 11/10/17


Indiana Railroad Museum
Just what they say


Indiana Service Corp.
Indiana Traction Line


Indiana Southern RR
Rail America Line


Indiana Union Traction Co.
Early merger line


Indian Creek Valley RR
Baltimore & Ohio Predecessor


Indian Head Central Ry.
Maryland Fallen Flag


Indian Hill & Iron Range RR
See H. Bairstow Co.


Indian Railways
A huge railroad


Indusmin Ltd.
Ontario Industry


Industrial & Rail Scrap Inc.
A North East junk yard


Industrial Maintenance Service
Indiana Industry


Industrial Transportation & Equipment Co.
Iowa dealer 12/6/17


Ingersoll-Rand Co.
Engine builder


Ingham Lumber Co.
Oregon Fallen Flag


Inland Empire Paper Co.
Washington Paper  


Inland Steel Co.
Indiana Fallen Flag


Inman Service Co.
Switchers 10/20/17


Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetreibe
Austrian Trams


Inspiration Consolidated Copper Co.
Arizona Fallen Flag


Interchange Specialty Service Co.
Pennsylvania Industry


Intercity Rapid Transit RR
Ohio Traction Line


Intercolonial Railway of Canada
Fallen Flag


Intercontinental Terminal
Texas Docks


Interlake Steamship Co.
Great Lakes Boats


Interlake Steel Corp.
Fallen Flag


In-Terminal Services
Switching Services


Intermountain Transportation Service
Intermountain Western
Fallen Flag Locomotive Sales and Service 2/9/17


International-Great Northern RR
Fallen Flag 11/24/17


International Harvester Co.
Trucks and Tractors   4/22/17


International Minerals & Chemical Co.
Fertilizer Manufaturer 3/5/17


International Multifoods, Inc.
Fallen Flag


International Nickel Co.
Ontario Industrial Company


International Rys.
New York Trolleys


International Railways of Central America
Fallen Flags 7/10/17


International Steel Co.
Ohio Metals Plant


Interpool Ltd.
Michigan Dealer


Inter-Rail Transport
Auto Transport


Interstate Iron Co.
Minnesota Fallen Flag Traction Line


Interstate Public Service Co.
Indiana Traction Line 5/26/17


Interstate RR
Virginia Fallen Flag


Interstate Terminal Warehouse Co.
Ohio Warehouse


Interurban Electric Ry
California Fallen Flag


Interurban Motor Transportation Co.
A bus line


Iowa Central RR
Fallen Flag


Iowa Chicago & Eastern RR
Regional Road  


Iowa Eastern RR
Iowa Narrow Gauge


Iowa Electric Light & Power Co.
Electric and Diesel Locomotives


Iowa Interstate RR
Midwest Regional 11/29/17


Iowa Northern RR
Short Line 9/28/17


Iowa Northwestern RR
Short Line


Iowa Ordnance Plant
Fallen Flag


Iowa Pacific Holdings
Short Line Group


Iowa Railroad
Fallen Flag   11/24/17


Iowa Southern Ry.
Short Line


Iowa Southern Utilities Co.
Traction Line


Iowa Terminal RR
Traction Line


Iowa Traction RR
Traction Line 3/31/17


Iowa Transfer Ry.
Des Moines Electric Switching


Iron & Steel Products Co.
Illinois Railway Equipment


Ironhorse Resources, Inc.
Short Lines


Irons Mines of Venezuela
Fallen Flag


Ironton RR
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Irving, TX, Fire Department
Fire Engines


Island Creek Coal Co.
National Mining


Isle of Man Road Services
British bus line


ISS Rail
New Castle Industrial RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


Istanbul Elektrik Tramvay ve Tunel Isletmeler
Turkish Trams


Isthmian Canal Commission
The Panama Canal builders


Itel Railcar
Locomotive Dealer



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