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Don's Rail Photos

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Labrador Steamship Co.
A Great Lakes boat


Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley RR
Pennsylvania Interurban


Lackawanna Valley Ry
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag 7/30/16


Lackawaxan & Stourbridge RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


LaClede-Christy Co.
Davenport Saddle Tank


LaClede Gas & Light Co.
Missouri Fallen Flag


Laconia Street Ry.
New Hampshire Trolleys


Ladish Malting Co.
North Dakota Elevator


LaFarge Corp.
International Cement and Steel Plants 9/29/16


Lafayette Street Ry.
Indiana Trolley Line


Lahaina  Kaanapali & Pacific Ry.
Hawaiian Tourist Line


Lake Champlain & Moriah RR
New York Tourist Site


Lake County Ry.
Oregon Short Line


Lake Erie & Northern Ry.
Canadian Pacific Interurban


Lake Erie & Western RR
Nickel Plate Predecessor


Lake Erie Franklin & Clarion RR
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag 7/30/16


Lake Linden & Torch Lake RR
Michigan Tourist Line


Lake Michigan & Indiana RR
Indiana Short Line 12/8/16


Lake Ontario Steel Co.
Canadian Scrap Yard


Lake Shore Electric Ry.
Ohio Traction Line 10/4/16


Lake Shore Railroad Association
Lorain & West Virginia
Ohio Short Line


Lake States Steam Association
Wisconsin Fallen Flag Tourist Line  7/4/16


Lake States RR
See Detroit & Mackinac RR


Lake Superior & Ishpeming Ry.
Steam Locomotives 8/6/16
Diesel Locomotives 1/27/17
  Rolling Stock


Lake Superior Terminal & Transit Co.
Wisconsin Fallen Flag


Lake Terminal RR
Cleveland Switching Line8/20/16


Lamoille Valley Ry.
Vermont Short Line  11/9/16


Lancaster & Chester
The Springmaid Line


Lancaster Oxford & Southern
See Strasburg RR


Landisville RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


Lange-Stegmann Fertilizer Inc.
Missouri Warehouse


Langren Grain Co.
Iowa Fallen Flag Elevator


Lansing Board of Water & Light
Michigan Power Plant


Lansing Grain Co.
Idaho Elevator


Laona & Northern
Wisconsin Short Line


Lapeer Industrial RR
Michigan Short Line


LaPorte County Farm Bureau Coop
Indiana Grain Elevator 9/4/16


LaPorte County Historical Steam Society
2 Foot Gauge Steamer


Larry's Truck Electric Co.
Dealer and Leasor 4/22/17


LaSalle & Bureau County RR
Illinois 2 Location Short Line 3/30/17


LaSalle Packaging Co.
Ontario Company


Lasco Development Co.
Michigan Dealer


Las Colinas Area Personal Transit System
Texas Peoplemover


Last Mountain Ry.
Mobil Grain Ltd.
Saskatchewan Short Line


Las Vegas & Tonopah RR
Nevada Short Line Fallen Flag


Lattimore Materials Co.
Texas Gravel Operation


Launceston Municipal Tramways
Australian Trams


Laurel River Lumber Co
West Virginia Fallen Flag


Laurinburg & Southern RR
North Carolina Short Line


E. J. Lavino & Co.
Pennsylvania Industry 7/30/16


Leadville Colorado & Southern
Colorado Tourist Line


Lebanon & Thornton Traction Co.
Indiana Interurban


Lee County Central Electric Ry.
Illinois Traction and Short Line


Leeds Corporation Tramways
British Trams


Leelanau Transit Co.
Michigan Fallen Flag 12/15/16


Lee Tidewater Cypress Lumber Co.
Florida Fallen Flag Lumber Line 


Leetonia RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


Lehigh & Hudson River Ry.
Fallen Flag 12/13/16


Lehigh & New England RR
Another Fallen Flag 12/13/16


Lehigh Portland Cement Co.
The Big Name in Cement


Lehigh Ry.
Pennsylvania Short Line 9/20/16


Lehigh Stone Co.
Narrow Gauge in Illinois  


Lehigh Traction Co.
Pennsylvania Traction Line 10/19/16


Lehigh Valley RR
Steam Locomotives 4/19/17
Diesel Locomotives 4/14/17
Rolling Stock 2/23/17


Lehigh Valley Transit Co.
Lightweight Interurbans 8/1/16
City Cars
Freight and Non-Revenue Cars


Leicester City Tramways
British Trams


Lenawee County RR
Michigan Fallen Flag


Leonards M&O Subway
Fort Worth Trolleys


Les Tramways de la Lille de Luxembourg


Lewis & Clark Ry.
Washington Short Line


Lewisburg & Ronceverte Electric Co.
West Virginia Traction Line


Lewisburg Milton Watsonville Passenger Ry.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Lexington & Ohio RR
Kentucky Short Line


Liberty Rail Service, Inc.
Colorado Car Service


Swedish Trams


Ligonier Valley RR
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Eli Lilly & Co.
The prescription people


Lima Locomotive Works


Lima-Toledo RR
Ohio Traction Line 7/31/16


Lincoln Grain Co.
Nebraska Elevator


Lincoln Sand & Gravel Co.
Illinois Quarry


Linco Stone & Supply Co.
New Jersey Gravel Pit


Linville River RR
Fallen Flag Tennessee Narrow Gauge


Litchfield & Madison RR
Illinois Fallen Flag


Litchfield Carrollton & Western Ry.
Illinois Fallen Flag


Little Beaver Creek Valley RR
See Youngstown & Southern


Little Kanawha River Rail
West Virginia Short Line


Little River RR
Tennessee Fallen Flag Short Line


Little River RR
Michigan Tourist Line


Little Rock & Western RR
Arkansas Genessee & Wyoming Short Line 


Little Rock Port Authority RR
Arkansas Terminal Service


Little Traverse Scenic RR
Michigan Fallen Flag Tourist Line


Live Oak Perry & Gulf RR
Florida Short Line


Liverpool Corporation Tramways
English trams


Liverpool Overhead Railway
English Fallen Flag


Livingston Rebuild Center
Montana Fallen Flag


Livington Mountain Locomotive Works
Washington Dealer


Livonia Avon & Lakeville RR
New York Short Line 8/30/16


LLandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Co.
Wales Trams


LLX Rail Inc
Luria Brothers
Illinois Dealer 2/2/17


LMX Corp.


Locomotive Leasing Partners
Leasor 4/10/17


Locomotive Maintenance Services
Fallen Flag Leasor 


Locomotive Sales & Leasings Corp.
Georgia Dealer 7/6/16


Locomotive Specialists, Inc
Industrial Locomotive Switcher Repairs


Logansport Iron Horse Festival
Indiana Tourist Attraction


London & Lake Erie Ry.
Ontario Early Interurban Line


London & Port Stanley Ry.
Ontario Interurban Line


London County Council Tramways
English Fallen Flag Trams


London North Eastern Ry.
English Fallen Flag


London Midland & Scottish Ry.
British Fallen Flag


London Passenger Transport Board
English trams


London Street Ry.
Canadian Trolley Line


London United Tramways
English Fallen Flag Trams


Lone Star Cement Co.
Fallen Flag


Lonestar Locomotive Repair LLC
Texas Engines


Lone Star Steel Co.
Northeast Texas Mill


Lone Star Track Co.
Texas contractor 3/4/17


Long-Bell Lumber Co.
Fallen Flag


Longhorn RR
Texas Fallen Flag 7/28/16


Long Island RR
Index 3/30/17


Lorain Street Ry.
Ohio Trolleys


Lorane Valley Lumber Co.
Oregon Fallen Flag


Loram Corp.
Track Service


Los Angeles & Salt Lake
Steam Locomotives


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority
Light Rail Cars 12/13/16


Los Angeles Interurban Ry.
California Traction Line


Los Angeles Junction Ry.
California Switching Line


Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority
PCC Cars
Non Revenue Equipment
Trolley Coaches


Los Angeles Pacific Electric Ry.
Fallen Flag


Los Angeles Railway
Los Angeles Transit Lines


Los Angeles Traction Co.
A California line


Louisiana & Arkansas
Index 6/29/16


Louisiana & Delta
Louisiana Short Line 8/24/16


Louisiana & North West
Louisiana Short Line


Louisiana Cypress Lumber Co.
Fallen Flag


Louisiana Eastern RR
Fallen Flag Gravel Line 3/19/17


Louisiana Southern RR
Fallen Flag


Louisville & Indiana
Indiana Short Line


Louisville & Nashville
Index 4/27/17


Louisville New Albany & Corydon
Southern Indiana Short Line 12/8/16


Louisville Railways
Kentucky Trolley


Lowville & Beaver River RR
This became a Genessee Valley line


LRS Companies
Oklahoma Locomotive Leasor


LTV Corporation
Steel and Electronics 4/6/17


Ludington & Northern RR
Western Michigan Short Line


Ludlow Cooperative Elevator Co.
Illinois Grain Terminal


Lufkin Land & Lumber Co.
Texas Fallen Flag


Luscar Coal Co.
Canadian Company 3/24/17


Luxapilila Valley RR
Mississippi Short Line 10/19/16


Luzerne & Susquehanna RR
Pennsylvania Short Line 9/20/16


Lycoming Valley RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


Lykens Valley RR
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag 9/20/16


Lynchburg Traction & Light Co.
Virginia Electric Line


Lynn Sand & Gravel Co.
Massachusetts Company


Lyondell Corp.
Texas Fallen Flag



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