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Don's Rail Photos

Table of Contents



Maatschappij voor Intercommunaal Vervoer te Antwerpen
Belgian Trams


Maatschappij voor Intercommunaal Vervoer te Gent
Belgian Trams


Machinery Supply Co.
Saddle Tanker in Indiana


Mack Trucks Inc.
The Bulldog guys


MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.
MacMillan Bloedel & Powell River Ltd.
British Columbia Fallen Flag


Macon Dublin & Savanna
Georgia Fallen Flag


Madison RR
Indiana Short Line


Magma Arizona RR
Arizona Fallen Flag 4/3/17


Magma Copper Co.
Arizona Fallen Flag


Magor Car Co.
Fruehauf Rail Corp.
New Jersey Fallen Flag


Magyar Államvasutak
Hungarian Railroad 8/19/16


Maine Central
Index 4/7/17


Maine Coast RR
Fallen Flag


Maine Narrow Gauge RR
Museum Line


Malmö Spårväg
Swedish Trams


Manatee Crate Co.
Florida Lumber Fallen Flag


Manchester & Oneida RR
Iowa Fallen Flag


H. R. Mandel Co.
Illinois Junk Dealer


Manistique & Lake Superior RR
Michigan Fallen Flag Short Line


Manitoba Paper Co.
Abitibi Paper Co subsidiary


Manitou & Pikes Peak Ry.
Colorado Cog Wheel Route 2/2/17


Manitowoc & Northern Traction Co.
Wisconsin Trolley Line


Manning Rail Inc.
Nebraska Grain 7/3/16


Mansfield Hardwood Lumber Co.
Louisiana Fallen Flag


Manufacturers RR
Connecticut Fallen Flag Electric Line


Manufacturers RR
Missouri Switching Road


Manx Electric Ry.
British Tram Line


Maple Leaf Mills
Ontario Flour Company


Marathon Corp.
Wisconsin Paper Mill


Marinette Tomahawk & Western
Wisconsin Short Line 2/16/17


Marion County Ry.
More or less fallen flag in South Carolina


Marion Industrial Center RR
Ohio Warehousing


Marion Railways
Indiana Trolley Line


Marion-Reserve Power Co.
Ohio Fallen Flag


Maritime Ry,
Nova Scotia Fallen Flag Short Line


Market Street Railway


Marquette & Huron Mountain RR
Michigan Fallen Flag Tourist Line


Marquette Cement Co.
Monarch Cement Co.
Iowa Fallen Flag


Marhall University
West Virginia display locomotive


Martin-Marietta Materials Co.
Gravel Operations Nationawide 2/11/17


Maryland & Delaware RR
Fallen Flag


Maryland & Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Short Line


Maryland Mass Transit Authority
Commuter Train Service 3/17/17
Light Rail


Maryland Midland RR
Maryland Short Line 9/13/16


Maryland Port Authority
Dock Terminal


Mason City & Clear Lake RR
Iowa Traction Line


Mason City Brick & Tile Co.
Iowa Industrial Traction Line


Mason County Logging Co.
Washington Fallen Flag


Mason Valley Mines Co.
Nevada Fallen Flag


Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority
Index 10/4/16


Massachusetts Central RR
Massachusetts Short Line 4/3/17


Massachusetts Electric Co.
 Power Plant


Massena Terminal RR
Ohio Short Line 4/4/17


Mass Transit Ry.
Hong Kong Light Rail


Mathews Company
Illinois Agricultural Equipment


Material Service Corp.
Fallen Flag Chicago Gravel Company


Material Transportation Inc.
Georgia industry 3/5/17


Mattawa-Temiskaming Excursion Co.
Ontario Tourist Line


Maule Industries Co.
Florida Fallen Flag


Maumee & Western RR
Indiana Short Line


Maumelle Ordnance Works
Arkansas Military Equipment


Maxton Oil & Fertilizer Co.
South Carolina Warehouse


Mayo Lumber Co.
British Columbia Fallen Flag


Maywood Co-op Association
Nebraska Grain Elevator


McAbee Powder & Oil Co.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag 9/20/16


McCloud River RR
California Short Line


Doyle McCormack
Locomotive Restorer


McCormack & Baxter Creosoting Co.
California Piles


McCormack Sand & Gravel Co.
New Jersey Fallen Flag


Charles R McCormick Lumber Co.
Washington Fallen Flag


McCoy Elkhorn Coal Corp.
Kentucky Mines


McDonald Steel Corp.
Ohio Plant


McGrath Sand & Gravel Co.
Illinois Fallen Flag


P. J. McHugh Co.
Washington Contractor


McKeesport Connecting Co.
Pennsylvania Short Line


McKenna Lumber Co.
Oregon Fallen Flag


McKinney Avenue Transit Authority
Trolleys in Dallas


McLean Elevator Co.
North Dakota Grain Processor


McLouth Steel Co.
Michigan Steel Plant


McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co.
Birmingham Plant


Mead Corp.
Virginia Paper Plant


Meadow River Lumber Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag


Medusa Portland Cement Co.
See Dixon Marquette Cement Co.


Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramways Trust
Australian Trams 3/29/17


Melbourne, Brunswick & Coburg Tramways Trust
Australian Trams


Mellen Lumber Co.
Wisconsin Fallen Flag


Memphis Area Transit Authority
Heritage Trolley Line


Memphis Street Ry.
Trolleys in Tennessee


Menominee & Marinette Light & Traction Co.
Bi-State Yuppee Traction


Meramec Sand & Gravel Co.
Missouri Fallen Flag


Mercersburg RR
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag 9/20/16


Merchants Grain Co.
Fallen Flag Indiana Terminal


Mercury & Chase RR
Alabama Tourist Line


Meridian & Bigbee River RR
Meridian & Bigbee RR
Mississippi Short Line 4/4/17


Meridian Aggregates Co.
Dallas Gravel Operator


Meridian Southern RR
Mississippi Short Line


Meriwether Gravel Co.
Arkansas Fallen Flag Gravel Pit


Andrew Merrilees Ltd.
Canadian Dealer


Merry Bros. Brick and Tile Co.
Georgia Fallen Flag


Mesaba Railway
Minnesota Trolley Line


Mesta Machine Works.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Metal Processing, Inc.
El Paso Scrap Yard


Metra (Chicago)
See Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter RR


Metro Canada Ltd.
British Columbia commuter service


Metro Ligero de Madrid
Spanish Trams


See Southern California Regional Rail Authority


Metro-North Commuter RR
Diesel Locomotives 9/10/16
Diesel MU Cars
Electric MU Cars 10/16/16
Passenger Cars


Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Heavy Rail in Geogria 8/18/16


Metropolitan Railway
San Francisco Line


Metropolitan Stevedore Co.
California Grain Terminal 2/16/17


Metropolitan Street Ry.
New York Trolleys


Metropolitan Transit Authority (Boston)
Index 3/30/17


Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County
Texas Traction


Metropolitan Transit Development Board
San Diego Trolley


Metro Transports du Sol
Portuguese Trams


Mexicana de Cobre SA
Mexican Mineral Hauler


Mexicano de Pacifico
Fallen Flag


Mexicano Ry.
Electric Locomotive


Miami & Erie Canal
Ohio Industrial Traction Line 7/31/16


Miami Beach Electric Ry.
Florida Trolleys


Miami-Dade Transit Authority
Heavy Rail in Miami


Michels Corp
Wisconsin Contractor


Michigan-California Lumber Co.
California Fallen Flag 2/16/17


Michigan Central RR
Fallen Flag 11/12/16


Michigan Council for the Arts
Now it goes by truck


Michigan Elevator Co.
Grain Elevator 3/11/17


Michigan Limestone & Chemical Co.
Fallen Flag Quarry


Michigan Northern RR
Fallen Flag 3/31/17


Michigan Railways
Interurban System 3/20/17


Michigan Shore RR
RailAmerica Line


Michigan Southern RR
Michigan Short Line


Michigan State University
The Spartans


Michigan Transit Museum
Operates Clinton River Ry. 3/31/17


Michigan United Traction Co.
Interurban Line


Mid-Am Equipment Inc.
Locomotive and Switching Services 2/9/17


Mid-America Car Co.
Rebuilder and Leasor5/8/16


Mid America Railcar Leasing
Another Leasor


Mid Atlantic RR
North Carolina Fallen Flag


Mid-Coast Terminal Co.
Illinois Dock Service


Mid-Continent Railway Museum
The Wisconsin Museum 3/15/17


Middle Fork RR
Moore Keppel & Co.
West Virginia Coal Mine


Middletown & Hummeltown RR
Pennsylvania Short Line 4/13/17


Middletown & Unionville RR
Middletown & New Jersey RR
New York Short Line


Midland Electric Coal Co.
Illinois Strip Mines


Midland Pennsylvania RR
Fallen Flag


Midland Ry of Manitoba
Canadian Fallen Flag


Mid Michigan RR
RailAmerica Line


Mid-South Chemical Co.
Illinois Industrial


MidSouth Rail
Fallen Flag Regional 2/8/17


Midwest Central RR
Midwest Old Settlers Short Line
Midwest Electric RR
Iowa Narrow Gauge Tourist Line
Midwest Electric RR


Midwest Coal Handling Co.
Kentucky Short Line


Midwest Dock Corp
Chicago Terminal Operation


Midwest Generation
Illinois Power Plant


Midwest Locomotive Co. 11/2/16
Locomotive Rebuilder and Leasor


MidWest Pacific Rail Net & Logistics
Short Lines


Midwest Rail Contractors Co.
Kansas City Service


MidWest Rail Holdings
Leasing Service


MidWest Storage Co.
Texas Grain Dealer


Miejskie Przedsiebiorstwo Komunikacyjne S.A. w Krakowie
Polish Trams


Millard Processing Corp.
Kentucky Coal Miner


Miller Compressing Co.
Wisconsin Junk Dealer


T. R. Miller Mill Co.
Alabama Saw Mill


Miller Milling Co.
Virginia Company


Miller Mining Co.
Ohio Company


Millom and Askham Haematite and Iron Co, Ltd
English museum locomotive


Milwaukee & Northern Ry.
See Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Ry.


Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry,
See Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Ry.


Milwaukee & Whitfish Bay Ry.
Wisconsin Dummy Line


Milwaukee Cement Co.
Fallen Flag


Milwaukee County Zoo Scenic Ry & Transportation Co.
Two foot narrow gauge


Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.
Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Transport Co.
Index 4/25/17


Milwaukee Northern Ry,
Wisconsin Traction Line


Milwaukee Racine & Kenosha Ry.
Became part of TMER&L


Milwaukee Rapid Transit & Speedrail Co.
Index 4/7/17


Milwaukee Road
See Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific


Milwaukee Sewage Commission
Critters on Jones Island


Milwaukee Solvay Coke Co.
Steam, diesel, and electrics


Milwaukee Tug Boat Line
Steam Boats


Minarets & Western Ry.
California Fallen Flag


Mineola Hempstead & Freeport Traction Co.
New York Traction Line


Minera Alumbrera
Argentine Rail Industry


Mineral Range Inc.
Wisconsin Dealer


Mineral Range RR (Old)
Michigan Fallen Flag Short Line


Mineral Range RR (New)
Michigan Short Line


Mineral Wells & Eastern
Texas Fallen Flag


Mineral Wells & Lakewood Park Street Ry
Texas Gas Motor Line


Ministerio de Azucarera
Cuban industrial railroad  2/15/17


Minneapolis & St. Louis
Index 3/20/17


Minneapolis Eastern RR
Minnesota Switching Line


Minneapolis Northfield & Southern
The old "Dan Patch" railroad 12/14/16


Minneapolis St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie

Minnesota Central RR
Fallen Flag Short Line


Minnesota Commercial RR
Minnesota Transfer RR
Swltching Line 11/12/16


Minnesota Dakota & Western Ry.
A real cold short line 3/18/17


Minnesota Northern RR
Short Line 7/7/16


Minnesota Power & Light Co.
The Electric Co. 3/18/17


Minnesota Transportation Museum
Great Collection


Minnesota Valley RR
Short Line 3/18/17


Minnesota Western Ry.
Fallen Flag 3/18/17


Minnesota Zephyr Limited
Tourist Service


Misener Transportation Co.
Great Lakes Boats


Mississippian Ry.
Mississippi Short Line 7/30/16


Mississippi & Alabama RR
Fallen Flag Short Line


Mississippi & Tennessee Rail Net
Mississippi Fallen Flag Short Line


Mississippi Central RR
Fallen Flag, the Older Version 2/22/17


Mississippi Central RR
Pioneer Rail Road, the New Version


Mississippi Delta Equipment Co.
Tennessee Locomotive Dealer


Mississippi Delta RR
Short Line


Mississippi Eastern Ry.
Fallen Flag


Mississippi Export RR
Mississippi Short Line


Mississippi Railcar
Car Repair


Mississippi River Grain Co.
Illinois Reloader


Mississippi River Sugar Belt RR
Louisiana Narrow Gauge Fallen Flag


Mississippi Tennessee RR.
Ironhorse Short Line


Mississippi Valley Public Service Co.
Wisconsin Railway Light & Power Co.
Minnesota trolleys 4/3/17


Missouri & Arkansas RR
Fallen Flag


Missouri & Northern Arkansas
Regional Road 4/25/17


Missouri Central RR
Short Line


Missouri Farmers Association
Grain Terminal


Missouri-Illinois RR
Fallen Flag


Index 4/25/17


Missouri Pacific RR
Index  4/22/17


Missouri Portland Cement Co.
Fallen Flag


Mobil Grain Ltd.
Canadian Rail Lines


Mobile & Gulf RR
Alabama Fallen Flag


Mobile & Ohio RR
Fallen Flag


Mobile Electric & RR
Alabama Trolleys


Mobile Locomotive Service


Modesto & Empire Traction Co.
California Short Line


Modoc Northern RR
California Short Line


Moffatt Coal Co.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Mohawk Adirondack & Northern
New York Short Line 5/26/16


Monnah Park & Schilling Industries
Fallen Flag Florida Gravel Pit


Monongahela Connecting RR
Pennsylvania Switching Line


Monongahela Ry.
Fallen Flag 6/11/16


Monongahela-West Penn Public Service
West Virginia Traction Line


Monon Railroad
See Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville


Mon-Road RR
Washington Steam Collector


Monroe Sand & Gravel Co.
Louisiana Fallen Flag


Monsanto Corp.
Massachusetts Factory


Monson RR
Maine narrow gauge


Montana Rail Link
Regional Road 11/12/16


Montana Ry.
Fallen Flag


Montana Western RR
Fallen Flag Short Line


Montana Western Ry.
Another Fallen Flag


Montana Wyoming & Southern RR
Fallen Flag


Montezuma Lumber Co.
Colorado Fallen Flag


Montgomery Light & Traction Co.
Alabama Traction


Monticello & Sangamon Valley RR
Illinois Museum Railroad


Montour RR
Pennsylvania Coal Hauler


Montpelier & Barre RR
Vermont Short Line


Montreal & Southern Counties Ry.
Canadian Traction Line Passenger Cars
Freight and Non Revenue Cars


Montreal Maine & Atlantic
East Coast International Line


Montreal Tramways
La Commission de Transport de Montréal
Standard City Cars


Montvalls Coal Mining Co.
Alabama Falling Flag


Mon Valley Transportation
Pennsylvania Short Line


Moore Shipbuilding & Dock Co.
California Fallen Flag


Moosehaven Central RR
Florida Resort


Morehead & Morgan Fork RR
Morehead & North Fork RR
Kentucky Fallen Flag


Mori Arco Riva del Garda Tramway
Austrian Fallen Flag 10/17/16


Morris County Central RR
New Jersey Tourist Fallen Flag


Morris County Traction Co.
New Jersey Trolleys


Morrison Knudsen Co.
Fallen Flag Rebuilder & Leasor 4/5/17


Morristown & Erie
New Jersey Short Line 8/15/16


Morton Salt Co.
It pours


Moscow Camden & San Augustine Ry.
East Texas Short Line


Russian Trams 3/15/17


Mosser Construction Co.
Ohio Builder


Moss-America, Inc.
Indiana Chemicals 3/30/17


Moss Tie Company
Wisconsin Narrow Gauge Plant


Motivation Coal Co.
Virginia Mine


Motive Power & Equipment Solutions
South Carolina dealer


Motive Power International
Rebuilder & Leasor 1/25/17


Motive Power Resources
Rebuilder & Leasor 4/24/17


Motive Rail Inc
Locomotive Dealer


Mound City Terminal Ry.
Missouri Short Line


Mountain Diesel Corp.
Diesel Reseller


Mountain Cement Co.
Wyoming Industry


Mountain Laurel RR
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Mount Airy Cold Storage Co.
Maryland Warehouse Company


Mount Dora Tavares & Eustis RR
Florida Tourist Road


Mount Emily Lumber Co.
Oregon Fallen Flag


Mount Hood RR
Oregon Tourist and Lumber Road 6/11/16


Mount Rainier Scenic RR
Washington Tourist Line


Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods Ry,
California Fallen Flag


Mount Vernon Terminal Ry.
Washington Short Line


Mount Washington Cog Ry.
New Hampshire Tourist Line


Mower Lumber Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag


MRS Logistica SA
Brazilian Railroads2/25/17


Munchner Verkehrsgessellschaft
German Trams


Muncie & Western RR
Indiana Short Line


Municipality of East Troy
Wisconsin Traction Line


Municipal Railway of San Francisco


Municipal Traction Co.
A Cleveland Line


Municipal Tramways Trust
Adelaide Metro
Australian Trams


Muskingum Electric RR
Ohio Industrial Fallen Flag


Myanmar Rys.
Burma Trams 6/11/16



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