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Don's Rail Photos

Table of Contents



Pabco Gypsum
Nevada Industrial Road


Pacific & Eastern
Milwaukee Road Predecessor


Pacific Electric Ry.
Index 11/3/17


Pacific Fruit Express
The Reefer Folks


Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Sacramento City Line
California Trolley Line 7/1/17


Pacific Great Eastern
Canadian Regional Road


Pacific Harbor Line
California Switching Road


Pacific Imperial RR
Carrizo line


Pacific Lumber Co.
California Fallen Flag


Pacific Power & Light Co.
Glenrock Coal Co.
Wyoming Coal Mine 8/2/17


Pacific Rail Services
Washington Switching Service


Pacific States Steel Corp.
California Junk Yard


Pacific Terminal Co.
California Fallen Flag

Pacific Transportation Service
Rebuilder and Leasor


Pacific Wilderness RR
Ohio Central line


Pacolet Manufacturing Co.
South Carolina Mill


Paducah & Louisville
Central Regional Road 10/27/17


Page Hersey Pipe Co.
Stelpipe Inc.
Ontario industry 12/11/17


S. G. Paikin
Ontario dealer


Palmer Sand & Gravel Co.
Wisconsin Critter


Palouse River & Coulee City RR
Watco Line  


Panama Canal Commission
The Canal


Panama Canal RR
The KCS folks


Panama RR
Fallen Flag government road


Pandrol Jackson Co.
Flag Track Service


Panhandle Manufacturing Co.
Texas Critter


Panhandle Northern RR
Texas OmniTrax Short Line


Panther Valley RR
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Paperton Junction Southern Ry,
Arkansas private tourist line


Parish Line Ry,
Louisiana Fallen Flag 9/9/17


Parrish & Heimbecker, Ltd.
Grain Dealers


Parr Terminal RR
Richmond Pacific RR
California Switching Road


Pascagoula Veneer Co.
Mississippi Fallen Flag


Patapsco & Back River
Maryland Steel Hauler  


Patron Spirits Co.
Private Car Owner


Patton Electric System
Wisconsin Trolley Co. 4/14/17


Paul Smiths RR Electric Light & Power Co.
New York Short Trolley Line


PCS Phosphates
Texasgulf Sulphur
Fertilizer 12/18/17


 Peaboady Coal Co.
Multi-State Coal Mining


Peaker Services
Michigan Dealer 10/23/17


Peavey Grain Co.
Fallen Flag   11/18/19


Pecos Valley Southern Ry.
West Texas Short Line 8/4/17


Pee Dee River RR
South Carolina Short Line


Peerless Coal Co.
West Virginia Mine


Pena Colorado
Mexican Mining Line


Pend Oreille Valley RR
Washington Short Line


Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
Cal Train Commuter


Peninsular Ry.
California Trolley Line


Peninsula Terminal RR
PT Rail Services
Oregon Short Line  


Penn Central
Index 3/18/18


Penn Eastern Rail Lines
Bristol Industrial Ry.
Pennsylvania Short Line


Pennsylvania-New Jersey Ry.
Trenton Trolleys


Pennsylvania Northeastern RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


Pennsylvania-Ohio Electric Co.
Pennsylvania Trolleys


Pennsylvania Power & Light Co.
The Light Company


Pennsylvania RR
Index  12/25/17


Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines
Diesel Locomotives
Electric Multiple Unit Cars
Motor Cars


Penn View Mountain Ry.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag Tourist Line


Penny-Newman Grain Co.
California Elevator


Pensacola Electric Co.
Florida Trolley Line


Peoples Ry.
A Dayton Trolley Line


Peoria & Eastern Ry.
Fallen Flag


Peoria & Pekin Union Ry.
Illinois Switching Railroad  


Peoria & Western Ry.
Pioneer short line


Peoria Locomotive Works
Illinois Fallen Flag


Peoria Railway Terminal Co.
Peoria & Pekin Terminal Ry.
Illinois Trolley Line


Peoria Union Station
It burned


Peppermint & Northwestern RR
Wisconsin Fallen Flag Tourist Line


Pere Marquette Ry.
Fallen Flag


Petaluma & Santa Rosa Ry.
California Fallen Flag Traction Line


Pewaukee, WI, Fire Department
Fire Engine


Pfizer Inc.
Chemicals and Pills


Phelps-Dodge Copper Co.
Mineral Company


Philadelphia & Western RR
Fallen Flag 3rd Rail Line


Philadelphia Bethlehem & New England
Pennsylvania Steel Road


Philadelphia Electric Co.
PECO Energy Co.
Pennsylvania Power Plant 7/30/16


Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co.
Third Rail Line
Passenger Cars 6/1/17
Non-Revenue Cars


Philadelphia Transportation Co.
Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co.
Index 6/3/17

Phillips Petroleum Corp.
Refining Company


Phoeniz & Eastern RR
Arizona Fallen Flag


Phoenix Lumber Co.
Washington Fallen Flag


Phoenix Street Ry,
Arizona Trolleys 3/15/18


Pickens RR
South Carolina Short Line


Pickering Lumber Co.
West Side Flume & Lumber Co.
Hetch-Hetchy & Yosemite Valley Ry.
West Side Lumber Co.
California Fallen Flag


Piedmont & Northern Ry.
Carolina Traction Road


Pillsbury Corp
Doughboy's Rail Services 5/29/17


Pine Creek Central
New Jersey Narrow Gauge


Pine Flat Contractors
California Dam Site


Pine River Valley & Stevens Point RR
Wisconsin Narrow Gauge


Pioneer & Fayette RR
Ohio Short Line


Pioneer Industrial RR
A Peoria Switcher Line


Pioneer Railcorp
Short Lines and Leasing 11/27/17


Pioneer Valley RR
Massachusetts Short Line


Pittsburg & Shawmut RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


Pittsburg County Ry.
Oklahoma Traction Line


Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Ry.
Steam Locomotives
Diesel Locomotives 2/25/18
Rolling Stock


Pittsburgh & Ohio Central RR
An Ohio Central short line


Pittsburgh & Ohio Valley RR
Ohio Short Line 6/29/17


Pittsburgh & Western RR
Fallen Flag


Pittsburgh & West Virginia RR
Fallen Flag 6/21/17


Pittsburgh Allegheny & McKees Rocks Ry
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Pittsburgh Chartiers & Youghioghieny
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag 6/29/17


Pittsburgh & Conneaut Dock Co.
Ohio Industry


Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Co.
Pennsylvania Industry


Pittsburgh Industrial RR
RailAmerica Road


Pittsburgh Lisbon & Western
See Youngstown & Southern RR


Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
PPG Industries
The Paint People


Pittsburgh Railways
Port Authority of Allegheny County
Peter Witts


Platte Valley Trolley
A Denver tourist line


PLM Railcar Maintenance Corp.
Rebuilding and Leasing


Pocono Northeast Ry.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag 1/20/18


Point Comfort & Southern
Texas Short Line 5/6/17


Polson Logging Co.
Fallen Flag


Pook Valley Leasing
New Jersey Equipment 6/6/17


Pope & Talbot Lumber Co.
Washington Fallen Flag


Port Authority of Allegheny County
Commuter Line
Light Rail Cars


Port Authority Trans Hudson
New York-New Jersey Heavy Rail


Port Authority Transit
Philadelphia to Lindenwold


Port Bienville RR
Mississippi Short Line


Port Colborne Harbor Ry
Ontario Short Line


Port Everglades Belt Ry.
Florida Fallen Flag Short Line


Port Harbor RR
A Respondek line


Port Huron & Detroit RR
Michigan Fallen Flag Short Line


Portland & Western
Oregon Regional 6/13/17


Portland Astoria & Pacific RR
Oregon Fallen Flag


Portland Eugene & Eastern
Oregon Traction Line


Portland Terminal Co.
Maine Terminal Road


Portland Terminal RR
Northern Pacific Terminal Co.
Oregon Pacific Terminal Co.


Portland Traction Co.
City Cars
Oregon Interurbans
Locomotives, Freight Cars, & Non Revenue


Port Manatee RR
Florida Short Line


Port of Corpus Christi
Texas Switching Road


Port of Muskogee
Oklahoma Switching Road 


Port of Olympic
Washington Fallen Flag


Port of Palm Beach
West India Fruit & Steamship Co.
Florida Switcher Line


Port of Tillamook Bay RR
Oregon Short Line


Port Royal RR
South Carolina Short Line


Portsmouth Dover & York Street Ry.
Maine Trolley Line  


Port Stanley Incline Ry.
Canadian Funicular


Port Stanley Terminal Rail
Ontario Short Line


Port Terminal RR of South Carolina
Switching Road


Port Townsend & Southern
Washington Short Line


Port Townsend RR
Washington Short Line


Horace G. Poss & Co.
Atlanta Steamer


Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan
PCS Phosphates
Fertilizer Company


Potlatch, Inc.
Lumber 7/22/17


Potomac Edison Co.
Trolleys in Maryland


 Poughkeepsie & Wappingers Street Ry.
New York Trolley Line


Power Source Supply Inc.
Locomotive Dealer 11/21/17


Prahran & Malvern Tramways Trust
Australian Trams 11/21/17


Prairie Central RR
Illinois Fallen Flag


Prairie Dog Central Ry.
Manitoba Tourist Line


Prairie Sand & Gravel Co.
Wisconsin Construction Materials


Prairie State Coal Co.
Illinois Fallen Flag


Prairie Trunk RR
Illinois Fallen Flag


Precision National Corp.
Fallen Flag of Dealer and Rebuilder 2/6/18


 Premcor Inc
Clark Refining Co.
Texas Oil Company


Premier Coal Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag


Premier Mine Co.
Alaska Fallen Flag


Prescott & Arizona Central RR
Arizona Fallen Flag


Prescott & Northwestern RR
Arkansas Short Line


Presidio & Ferries RR
San Francisco Cables


Preußisch-Hessische Eisenbahn
German Fallen Flag


Privatbanen Sonderjyylland
Danish Short Lines


Proctor & Gamble Co.
Ivory Soap and stuff 9/1/17


Progressive Rail
Locomotive Leasor


Progress Loadout
Kentucky Coal Operation


Progress Rail Services
Locomotive Rebuilder and Leasor 3/5/18


Proler International
Texas Junk Yard


Promontory Chapter, National Railway Historical Society
Ex Kennecott Diesel


Providence & Worcester RR
New England Regional 10/19/17


Public Service of Colorado
Power Plant


Public Service of  Illinois
Power Plant


Public Service of Indiana
Power Plant 3/30/17


Public Service of New Jersey
Traditional City Cars
PCCs 9/25/17


Public Service of  Northern Illinois
Power Plant 10/30/17


Pueblo Railway Foundation
Colorado Historical Trolley


Puget Sound & Baker River Ry.
Washington Fallen Flag


Puget Sound & Pacific Ry.
Washington RailAmerica Short Line  


Puget Sound & Snoqualmie Valley RR
Washington Tourist Line 11/6/17


Pullman Co.
The Car Builder  1/14/18


Purdy Co.
California Junk Yard


Pure Carbonic Co.
Dry Ice


Pyongyang Transport & Communication Commission
North Korea Trams


Pyrites Co.
Delaware Industry



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