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Don's Rail Photos

Table of Contents



S&I Locomotive Service
Locomotive Dealer


S&S Shortline Leasing LLC
A leasor 12/14/17


Saarbrucker Eisenbahn
German Fallen Flag


Sabine River & Northern RR
Texas Short Line


Sächsische Staatseisenbahn
German Fallen Flag


Sacramento Northern RR
Passenger Cars 8/12/17
Electric Locomotives 10/23/17
Diesel Locomotives  9/18/17
Non Revenue Cars 8/15/17


Sacramento Regional Transit District
Light Rail Cars


Safe Harbor Water Power Co.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


 Safety Rail Service
Louisiana Service Line


Saginaw Timber Co.
Washington Fallen Flag


Saginaw Valley RR
Michigan Short Line


Saint Charles Grain Elevator Co.
Louisiana Industry


Saint Clair Tunnel Company
International Tunnel Electrics


Saint Francois County Ry.
Missouri Electric Freight Hauler


Saint Gallen-Geis-Appensell Alstatten Bahn
Swiss Railroad


Saint Johnsbury & Lamoille County Ry.
Vermont Fallen Flag


Saint Joseph & Savannah Interurban Ry.
Missouri Interurban


Saint Joseph Belt Ry.
Missouri Short Line


Saint Joseph Ry Light & Power Co.
Missouri Trolley Line


Saint Lawrence & Atlantic RR
A G&W Line


Saint Lawrence & Hudson RR
A CPR Line


Saint Louis & Chain of Rocks RR
Missouri Tourist Line


Saint Louis & Hannibal RR
Fallen Flag


Saint Louis & Illinois Suburban Ry.
Illinois Trolley Line 11/7/17


Saint Louis & O'Fallon Ry.
Fallen Flag


Saint Louis Brownsville & Mexico
Fallen Flag


Saint Louis Car Co.
Fallen Flag Builder 10/25/17


Saint Louis Iron Mountain & Southern
Mopac Fallen Flag


Saint Louis Iron Mountain & Southern
Missouri Tourist Line


Saint Louis Peoria & Northern Ry.
Illinois Fallen Flag


Saint Louis Public Service Co.
Older Cars
Peter Witts
Non Revenue Cars


Saint Louis-San Francisco
Index 4/16/18


Saint Louis South-Western
Index 4/7/18


Saint Louis Waterworks Ry.
Missouri Traction Line


St. Marys RR
Georgia Short Line


Saint Maries River RR
Idaho Short Line


Saint Paul & Tacoma Lumber Co.
Washington Fallen Flag


Saint Paul Union Terminal Co.
Minnesota Switcher


Saint Petersburg & Gulf Ry.
Florida Traction Line


Saint Petersburg Municipal Ry.
Florida Traction Line


Saint Regis Paper Co.
Fallen Flag


Saint Thomas & Eastern RR
Ontario Short Line


Saint Thomas Municipal Ry.
Ontario Traction Line


Salem & Hillsborough RR
Canadian Short Line


Salt Lake & Utah Ry.
Utah Traction Line 5/1/17


Salt Lake Garfield & Western
The Saltair Route


Salt Lake Southern RR
Utah Short Line


Samuels Pacific Industries
Oregon Industry


San Antonio & Aransas Pass
Texas Fallen Flag


San Antonio Public Service Co.
Texas Trolley Line


San Benito & Rio Grande Valley RR
MoPac Texas Fallen Flag


Sandersville RR
Georgia Short Line


San Diego & Arizona Eastern RR
Fallen Flag Kyle Line 6/20/17


San Diego & Imperial Valley RR
California Short Line 2/6/18


San Diego Electric Ry.
Passenger Cars
Non Passenger Equipment


San Diego Trolley
Light Rail Cars


Sandley Light Railway Equipment Works, Inc.
15 inch gauge manufacturer


Sand Spring Ry.
Oklahoma ex Traction Short Line


Sandusky Norwalk & Mansfield RR
Ohio Trolley Line


Sandwich Windsor & Amherstburg Street Ry.
Ontario Trolley Line 10/25/12


Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR
Maine Narrow Gauge 5/8/17


Sanford & Eastern RR
Maine Fallen Flag 5/8/17


San Francisco & Napa Valley RR
California Fallen Flag


San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit
California Heavy Rail


Sanitary District of Chicago RR
Illinois Industry 10/30/17


San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission
California Commuter Line


San Joaquin Valley RR
Ex Kyle Road


San Jose-Los Gatos Ry.
California Trolley Line


San Jose RR
California Trolleys 7/1/17


San Luis & Rio Grande RR
Colorado Tourist Line 9/2/17


San Manuel Aizona RR
Arizona Short Line


San Pedro & Southwestern RR
Arizona Kyle Short Line


Santa Clara Interurban Ry.
Heritage Trolley


Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Light Rail 6/27/17


Santa Cruz, Big Trees & Pacific RR
California Tourist Line


Santa Cruz Portland Cement Co.
California Short Line Industry

Santa Cruz RR.
California museum engine


Santa Fe Southern Ry.
New Mexico Short Line 4/4/18


Santa Fe Terminal Ry.
California Fallen Flag


Santa Maria Valley RR
California Short Line 6/9/17


Santee River Hardwood Co.
South Carolina Fallen Flag


Sapulpa Trolley & Railway
Oklahoma Exhibit Birney


Saratoga & North Creek Ry.
A Iowa Pacific Holdings line 9/2/17


Saskatchewan Power Co.
Canadian Electric Co. 3/24/17


Saudi Railways Association
Arabian Railroad


Savage Alberta RR
Canadian Short Line


Savage Companies
Materials Management


Savannah & Atlanta
Georgia Fallen Flag


Savannah Florida & Western
Fallen Flag


Savannah River Plant
United States Department of Energy
South Carolina Power Plant


Savannah State Docks RR
Georgia Switching Line


Scandic Rail Partners
Danish Tourist Line


Scenic Dining Rail
Wisconsin Fallen Flag


Schenectady Railway
New York Trolley Line


Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.
The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous


Schnitzer Steel Products Co.
International Terminals
Oregon Junk Yard


Schuykill Ry.
Pennsylvania Traction Line


Schweizerische Centralbahn
Swiss Fallen Flag


Schweizerische Bundesbahnen
Swiss Railroads 11/11/17


Schwyzer Strassenbahn
Swiss Fallen Flag Tram


Scioto Valley Traction Co.
Scioto Valley Ry & Power Co.
Ohio Midland Light & Power Co.
Ohio Traction Line


Scott & Bearskin RR
Arkansas Fallen Flag Tourist Line


Scott Paper Co.
The Tissue Guys


Scoular Co.
Grain Feed and Food


Scranton Transit Co.
Pennsylvania Trolleys


Scullin Steel Co.
Missouri Plant


Seaboard Air Line RR
Index 3/26/18


Seaboard Coast Line RR
Index  4/16/18


Seaboard Farms of Athens
Georgia Foods


Seaboard System RR
Index 1/7/18


Second Street Cable RR
Los Angeles Line


Seagraves Whiteface & Lubbock Ry.
Texas Fallen Flag Short Line 10/24/17


Seattle & North Coast Ry.
Washington Short Line


Seattle Electric Ry.
Washington Trolleys


Seattle Monorail Services
50 Years Plus - Wow


Seattle Municipal Ry.
Seattle Transit Co.
Metro Transit
Washington Trolleys


Seattle, Port Angeles & Western Ry.


Seattle Steel Co.
Washington Junk Yard


Seattle Street Ry.
Washington Trolleys


Seattle Waterfront Trolley
Heritage Trolley Line


Seaview Transportation Co.
Rhode Island Short Line


Security Timber Co.
Washington Fallen Flag 7/15/17


Selvick Marine Towing Co.
Great Lakes Tug Line


Seminole Gulf RR.
Florida Short Line 10/10/17


Seneca Falls & Cayuga Lake RR
New York Tram Line


Seneca Fallas & Waterloo RR
New York Tram Line


Seoul Electric Co.


Seoul Metropolitan Subway
Korean Heavy Rail 10/10/17


Sequatchie Valley Ry.
Tennessee Short Line


Sernftalbahn Schwanden-Elm
Swiss Trams


Servicio de Transportes Colectivos do Porto
Portuguese Trams


Servicio de Transportes Electricos del Distrito Federal
Mexico City Trolleys 10/18/17
Mexico City Trolley Coaches


Servicio Municipal de Coimbra
Portuguese Trams


Sewell Valley RR
West Virginia Fallen Flag


Shade Gap Electric Ry.
Pennsylvania Trolley Museum


Shaker Heights Rapid Transit
1200 Series Cars
Lightweight Cars 4/14/18
Non-Revenue Equipment


Sharon Steel Corp.
Fallen Flag


Sharpsville Container Co.
Pennsylvania Industrial 6/29/17


Shaw-Bertram Lumber Co.
Oregon Fallen Flag 7/31/17


Shawinigan Falls Terminal Co.
Canadian Traction Line


Sheboygan Railway & Electric Co.
The Orange Line 6/26/17


Sheffield Corporation Tramways
British Trams


Sheffield Steel Corp.
Fallen Flag


Shell Oil Co.
The Gasoline Folk


Shenandoah Central RR
Virginia fallen flag narrow gauge tourist line


Shenandoah Valley RR
Virginia Short Line


Shenango Mold Co.
Pennsylvania Industry


Shepard Grain Co.
Ohio Elevator


Sheridan Railway & Light Co.
Wyoming Trolleys


Shippensburg Newburg & Western Electric Ry.
Pennsylvania failed project


Shipper Car Line Co.
Private Owner Cars


Shore Fast Line RR
New Jersey Fallen Flag


Shore Line Electric Ry.
Connecticut Traction Line


Shoreline Locomotive Co.
Connecticut Fallen Flag


Shortline Enterprises
California locomotive movie service 6/9/17


J. R. Short Milling Co.
Illinois Food Company


Shorty's Truck & Railroad Car Parts
Alabama Dealer


Shreveport Houston & Gulf RR
Texas Fallen Flag


Sidney & Lowe RR
Nebraska Short Line


Siemens Transportation Group
The international builder


Sierra RR
Sierra Northern RR
California Short Line


Swiss Commuter Railroad


George H. Silcott Equipment Co.
Ohio Dealer


Silver Falls Timber Co.
Oregon Fallen Flag


Simons Wrecking Co.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


J. R. Simplot Co.
Large agribusiness firm


Simpson Timber Co.
Washington Logger


Sims Metal Management Ltd
Naporano Iron & Metal
Michael Schiavone & Sons
The big scrapper


Singer Sewing Machine Co.
An Indiana Fallen Flag Electric Industry


Sioux City Service Co.
Trolleys in Northwest Iowa


Sioux City Terminal Ry.
Iowa Fallen Flag


Siskiyou Lumber Co.
California Fallen Flag


Sisseton Milbank RR
South Dakota Short Line


Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Amusement Park


Six Flags over Georgia
Amusement Park 6/28/17


Six Flags over Texas
Amusement Park


Six Gun RR
Florida Fallen Flag Amusement Line


636 Leasing LLC
Fallen Flag


Skaneateles RR
Skaneateles Short Line RR
New York Fallen Flag Short Line


Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Co.
Alabama Fallen Flag


SME Limestone Co.
Ohio Industry


Smithfield Terminal RR
Virginia Fallen Flag


A. O. Smith Corp.
A Milwaukee industry


H. V. Smith Co.
Fallen Flag Wisconsin Dealer


W. J. Smith Wood Processing Co.
Fallen Flag Texas Industry


W. T. Smith Lumber Co.
Alabama Lumber Road


Smoky Hill Railway & Historical Society
Belton Grandview & Kansas City Ry.
Missouri Tourist Line


Smoky Mountain Ry.
North Carolina Fallen Flag


Smoky Mountain Ry.
2nd version, Tennessee Fallen Flag 12/22/17


SMS Lines
New Jersey Short Line


Snaefell Mountain Ry.
Wales  traction line


Snellstrom Brothers Co.
Oregon Fallen Flag Lumber Co. 7/31/17


Snow Lumber & Shingle Co.
Washington Fallen Flag 7/15/17


Sociedad Anónima del Tranvía-Ferrocarril de Granada a Sierra Nevada
Spanish trams


Sociedad Colombiana de Transporte Ferroviaria
Columbian Railroad 3/13/18


Societa della Tramvie e Ferrovie Elettriche di Roma
Italian Trams


Societa Pella Ferrovia Locarno-Pontebrolla-Bignasco
Swiss Fallen Flag Tram


Societe de fer de la Gaspesie
Gaspe Railway
Canadian Short Line


Société des Tramways Lausannois
Swiss Trams 10/6/17


Societe de Transports Intercommunay de Bruyelles
Belgian Trams


Societe du Port Ferroviaiare de Baie-Commeau - Hauterive
Quebec Short Line


Societe Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges
Belgian National Railroad


Societe Nationale des Chemines de fer Francais
French National Railroad 12/2/17


Societe Nationale des Chemins de fer Vicinaux
Belgian Interurban Lines


Societe per l'Esercizio di Pubblici Servizi
Italian Traction Line 11/1/17


Sofia Public Electrical Transport Co.
Bulgarian Trams 7/12/17


Solite, Inc.
Fallen Flag Virginia Gravel Pit


Solutia, Inc.


Soo Line RR
See also Minneapolis St Paul &Sault Ste Marie
See also Wisconsin Central RR
Index 2/6/18


South Alabama RR
Alabama Short Line


Southampton Corporation Tramways
British Trams


South Appalachia Ry,
South Carolina Fallen Flag Tourist Line


South Australian Ry.
Fallen Flag


South Bend Sand & Gravel Co.
Indiana Fallen Flag


South Branch Valley RR
West Virginia Short Line


South Brooklyn Ry.
NYCTA Switching Road


South Buffalo RR
New York Switching Road 4/6/18


South Carolina Central RR
Short Line 10/3/17


South Carolina Public Service Authority
Power Service


South Central Florida Express RR
Florida Short Line 2/8/18


South Central Co-op
Minnesota Grain


South Central Tennessee RR
Tennessee Coal Hauler


South Chicago & Indiana Harbor RR
See Chicago Short Line


South Dakota Central RR
Short Line


South Dakota Wheat Growers Assn.
Grain Hauler 8/17/17


South East Coal Co.
Kentucky Fallen Flag


Southeast Nebraska Cooperative
Grain Elevator


SouthEast Railroad Supply
Locomotive Dealer


Southeastern Michigan Transit Authority
Detroit Commuter Line


Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority
Index 1/13/18


South East Kansas RR
Kansas Short Line


Southern Aggregate Co.
Georgia Gravel Plant


Southern California Regional Rail Authority
Los Angeles Commuter


Southern Clays, Inc
Georgia Fallen Flag


Southern Coach Co.
See Tennessee Electric Power Co.


Southern Colorado Power Co.
Pueblo Trolleys


Southern Illinois Railcar Co.
Baldwin switcher


Southern Indiana Electric & Gas Co.
Power Plant


Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.
See Evansville & Ohio Valley


Southern Indiana RR


Southern Iowa Ry.
Iowa trolley line


Southern Iron & Equipment Co.
Locomotive Dealer


Southern Manitoba Ry.
Canadian Short Line


Southern Michigan Ry.
Michigan Traction Line


Southern New Jersey RR
Fallen Flag


Southern New York Power & Railway Co.
Southern New York Ry.
Fallen Flag ex Traction Line


Southern Ontario RR
A RailAmerica Line


Southern Pacific RR
Index 4/19/18


Southern Parts & Equipment Co.
Georgia dealer 9/9/17


Southern Pine Lumber Co.
Texas Logger 8/4/17


Southern RR of New Jersey
Short Line10/10/17


Southern Ry.
Index  1/29/18


Southern Switching Co.
Ironhorse Resources line 5/31/17


Southern Utah RR
Fallen Flag


South Hopkins Coal Co.
Kentucky Mine


South Jersey Port Corp.
New Jersey Terminal


South Kansas & Oklahoma
Short Line 9/5/17


South Omaha Terminal Ry,
Nebraska Switching Line


South Orient RR
Texas Short Line


South Penn Museum
Fallen Flag


South Plains Lamesa RR
West Texas Short Line


South Point Ethanol
Ohio Fallen Flag


South Side Elevated RR
Chicago Elevated Line 8/6/17


Southwest Construction Materials Co.
Texas Fallen Flag


Southwestern Electric Power Co.
Nebraska Power Plant


Southwest Forest Products
Arizona Industry


Southwestern Interurban Ry.
Arkansas City & Winfield Northern Ry.
Kansas Trolley Line


Southwestern Portland Cement Co.
Just what it says


Southwest Kansas RR
Fallen Flag


Southwest Metal & Trade Co.
Oklahoma Junk Yard


Southwest Missouri RR
Fallen Flag Traction Line


Southwest Pennsylvania RR
Short Line 6/29/17


Southwestern RR
Western Group Short Line


Southwest Railway Car Parts
Texas Scrap Company


Southwest Railway Equipment Co.
Texas Fallen Flag


Sovjetskije Zheleznyje Dorogi
Russian Railroads 10/19/17


Spartan Steel Coating
Michigan Industry


Spencerville & Elgin RR
Ohio Fallen Flag Short Line


SP Construction Services
The Phone Line Folks


Speed Portland Cement Co.
Indiana Company


Sperry Rail Service
Rail Inspectors 9/18/17


Spokane Coeur d'Alene & Palouse Ry.
A Great Northern trolley line


Spokane International Ry.
Fallen Flag


Spokane Portland & Seattle
Diesel Cab Units
Diesel Road Switchers8/8/17
Diesel Switchers



Spreckels Sugar Co.
A California company


Springfield & Xenia Ry.
Ohio Traction Line


Springfield & Southwestern RR
Illinois Fallen Flag


Springfield Consolidated Ry.
Springfield Transportation Co.
Illinois Traction Line 8/6/17


Springfield Railroad Shops
The old Frisco shop


Springfield Suburban RR
Ohio Traction Line


Springfield Terminal Ry.
Before Guilford
Diesel Locomotives


Sprouse Creek Processing Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag 12/9/17


Squaw Creek Coal Co.
Southern Indiana Coal Road


Stadtischen Verkehrsbetrieben Bern
Swiss Trams 12/25/17


A. E. Staley Co.
National Food Company 10/7/17


Standard Elkhorn Mining Co.
Kentucky Coaler


Standard Sand & Gravel Co.
Louisiana Industry


Standard Sand & Silica Co.
Florida Industry


Standard Slag Co.
Ohio Aggregate Plant


Standard Steel Co.
Steam and Diesel


Stark Electric RR
Northeast Ohio Trolley


State Belt RR of California
Fallen Flag


State Electricity Commission of Victoria
Australian Trams


Stadtwerke Bonn
German Trams


Stadtwerke Flensburg-Verkehrsbetriebe
German Trams


Stadwerk Ulm
German Trams


State Line Cooperative
Iowa Elevator


Staten Island Rapid Transit
MTA Staten Island Ry.
New York Heavy Rail


Statens Järnvägar
Swedish Railroads


Steam Railroad Institute
Michigan museum


Steamtown National Historic Site
The museum


Harry Stebbins
Ohio Engine Owner


Steel Co. of Canada
Stelco Inc.
Ontario Steel


Steel Dynamics Inc
Indiana Industry


Steelton & Highspire RR
Pennsylvania Short Line


Steel of West Virginia, Inc.
Scrap Dealer


Steptoe Valley Mining & Smelting Co.
Nevada Fallen Flag


Sterling Bomba LLC


Steubenville East Liverpool & Beaver Valley Traction Co.
Pennsylvania Traction Line


Stewart Southern Ry,
Saskatchewan Short Line


Stillwater Central RR
Oklahoma Short Line


Stimson Logging Co.
Fallen Flag


Stirrat Coal Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag 12/9/17


Stockham Valves & Fittings Co.
Alabama Castings


Stockholms Spårvägar
Swedish Trams


Stockholms Tunnelbana
Swedish Heavy Rail


Stockton Electric Ry.
California Traction Line


Stockton Terminal & Eastern
California Short Line


Stone Mountain Scenic RR
Georgia Tourist Railroad


Stout Lumber Co.
Oregon Fallen Flag


Strasburg RR
Pennsylvania Short Line and Tourist Road


Strassenbahn Esslingen-Nellingen-Denkendorf
German Fallen Flag Trams


Strassenbahn Linz
Austrian Trams 10/31/17


Strassenbahn Monchen-Gladbach
German Fallen Flag Trams


Strassenbahn Ravensburg-Weingarten-Raienfurt
German Fallen Flag Trams


Straßenbahn Reutlingen
German Trams


Strassenbahn St. Polten
Austrian Trams


Straßenbahnnetz Nordhausen
German Trams


Straßenbahnnetz Nürnberg
German Trams


Stroudsburg Water Gap & Portland Ry.
Pennsylvania Traction Line


Strouds Creek & Muddleton Ry.
West Virginia Fallen Flag


Studebaker Corp.
Fallen Fallen Flag


Stupp Corp.
Louisiana Pipe Company


Sturm & Dillard Co.
Ohio Gravel Company


Eldon C Stutsman Trucking Co.
Iowa Warehouse


Stuttgarter Strassbahm
German Trams


Sudbury-Copper Cliff Suburban Street Ry.
Ontario Traction Line


Swiss rail 11/11/17


Sud Pacifico del Mexico
Fallen Flag


Sudzucher AG
German sugar company 5/13/17


Sultan Ry & Timber Co.
Washington Fallen Flag


Sumpter Valley Ry.
Oregon Short Line


Sunbury & Sellinsgrove Ry.
Pennsylvania Trolley Line


Sunderland Corporation Transport
English Fallen Flag Tram


Sunflour RR
South Dakota Miller 3/8/18


Florida Commuter Service


Superior Stone Co.
Now it's a museum railroad in South Carolina


Superior Tie and Timber Co.
Louisiana Industry


Surry Sussex & Southampton
Virginia Fallen Flag Narrow Gauge


Swain County Chamber of Commerce
North Carolina Caboose


Swayne Lumber Co.
California Fallen Flag


Sweetwater Central RR
Texas Short Line Subsidiary


Swift & Co.
The meat folks


Sydney & Louisburg Ry.
Canadian Fallen Flag 5/12/17


Sylvite of Canada
Quebec industries


Syracuse Energy Corp.
Trigen Syracuse Energy Corp.
Salt City Energy Ventures
Hydra-Co Operation
New York Power Plant




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