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Don's Rail Photos

Table of Contents



Wabash & Erie RR
Indiana Short Line


Wabash & Grand River Ry.
Missouri short line which lasted 3 years


Wabash & Ohio RR
Indiana Short Line


Wabash Central RR
Indiana Short Line


Wabash RR
Index 3/16/17


Wabash Sand & Gravel Co.
Indiana Fallen Flag


Wabash Valley RR
Illinois fallen flag short line


Waccamaw Coast Line RR
South Carolina Short Line


Waco Beaumont Trinity and Sabine
East Texas short line


Waialua Agriculture Co.
Hawaiian Industrial


Waldens Ridge RR
Tennessee Short Line


Walking Horse & Eastern RR
Tennessee Short Line


Walla Walla Valley Traction Co.
Washington traction became diesel


Wallowa Union RR
Oregon Short Line


Jim Walter Resources, Inc.
Alabama Coal Mines


Walworth Valve Co.
Illinois narrow gauge electric


Wanamaker Kempton & Southern RR
Pennsylvania Tourist Line 9/20/16


Ware Shoals RR
South Carolina short line


Warren & Ouachita Valley RR
Arkansas Fallen Flag


Warren & Saline River RR
Arkansas Lumber Road 6/6/16


Warren Consolidated Industries
 Ohio Steel Mill

Warwick Railway
Rhode Island Short Line


Washington & Old Dominion
Trolleys and Diesels in Virginia 2/1/17


Washington Baltimore & Annapolis
Maryland Interurban


Washington Central RR
Washington Dinner Train
Fallen Flag


Washington Idaho & Montana RR
Potlatch Fallen Flag


Washington Lumber & Spar Co.
Washington Fallen Flag


Washington Railway & Electric Co.
DC Traction


Washington Terminal Co.
The Capitol 4/6/17


Waste Control Specialists LLC
Texas Trash Collectors


Watco, Inc.
Webb Asset Management Co.
Leasing, Switching, and Short Lines 3/30/17


Waterfront Electric Ry.
Ohio Fallen Flag Trolley Museum


Waterloo Cedar Falls & Northern
Passenger Cars
Locomotives 11/23/16
Non Revenue Equipment
Stations and Structures


Waterloo Railroad
Ex Trolley Iowa Short Line


Watervliet Armory
New York Electric Switching


Watson Sand & Gravel Co.
Ohio Sand Pit


Waverly Sayre & Athens Traction Co.
New York trolley line


Weatherford Mineral Wells & North Eastern
Mineral Wells depot


Weber Industries
Iowa Company 4/13/17


Weirton Steel Corp.
West Virginia Steel  11/23/16


Wellesville Addison & Galeton
Fallen Flag Short Line 3/25/17


West Chicago Street Ry
Now part of CTA


Western & Atlantic RR
The Great Locomotive Chase engines


Western Coal & Coke Co.
Lethbridge Collieries Ltd.
Canadian Fallen Flag Mine


Western Fruit Express Co.
The WP reefers


Western Group
 Short Line Group


Western Indiana Aggegate Co.
Fallen Flag


Western Labrador Rail Services
Canadian Short Line


Western Maryland RR
Steam Locomotives
Diesel Locomotives 2/12/17
Rolling Stock


Western Maryland Scenic RR
Maryland Tourist line


Western New York & Pennsylvania RR
A LA&L Short Line 


Western Ohio Ry.
A traction line


Western Pacific RR
Index 4/4/17


Western Rail, Inc.
Locomotive Dealer


Western Railroad Builders
Western Group


Western Railway of Alabama
Fallen Flag


Western RR
Texas Gravel Hauler 7/28/16


Western Union RR
4-4-0 22


West Ham Corporation Tramways
English Fallen Flag


Westinghouse Mfg. Co.
Locomotive builder


West Jersey RR
New Jersey Short Line


West Michigan RR
A Pioneer line


Westmoreland Scenic RR
Pennsylvania Tourist Fallen Flag


West Penn Rys.
Pennsylvania Traction


West Tennessee RR
Tennessee Short Line


West Texas & Lubbock RR
Texas Short Line 6/29/16


West Virginia Central
Tourist Line


West Virginia Pulp & Paper Co.
West Virginia Fallen Flag


Weyerhaeuser Corp.
Lumber and Paper 3/14/16


Weyerhaeuser Paper Co.
Paper Company


Weyerhaeuser Timber Co.
The Loggers


Wharton & Northern RR
New Jersey Fallen Flag NJT Branch


Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp.
West Virginia Steel


Wheeling & Lake Erie Ry
Steam Locomotives
Diesel Locomotives 2/8/17
Stations and Towers


White Cedar Timber Co.
Minnesota Fallen Flag 3/18/17


White City Terminal & Utility Co.
Oregon Short Line


White Deer & Reading RR
Pennsylvania Tourist Line


White Mountain Scenic RR
Arizona Fallen Flag Tourist Line


White Mountain Traction
Ex Johnstown PA trolley


White Pass & Yukon Route RR
Alaska-Canada Narrow Gauge


White Pine Copper Co.
Michigan Yupper Fallen Flag


Whitewater Valley RR
Indiana Tourist Line


Whitin Machine Works
Massachusetts Fallen Flag


Wichita Falls & Southern RR
Texas Fallen Flag


Wichita RR & Light Co.
Kansas Trolley


Wichita Tillman & Jackson
Texas-Oklahoma Short Line 12/5/16


Wiener Stadtwerke Verkehrsbetreibe
Viennese Trolleys
Former Third Avenue Ry. cars


Wilkes-Barre & Hazelton Ry.
Lehigh Traction Co.
Pennsylvania Traction Line


Wilkes-Barre Railways
Pennsylvania Traction Line


Willamette & Pacific RR
West Coast Fallen Flag 8/24/16


Willamette Valley RR
Oregon Short Line


Williams Lumber Co.
Louisiana Fallen Flag


Williamson & Brown Log & Lumber Co.
North Carolina Fallen Flag


Williamsport Passenger Ry.
Pennsylvania Trolley Line


Willis Short Line RR
Louisiana Gravel Hauler


Wills Brothers
Oklahoma Terminal 7/28/16


Wilmer Rail Services
Texas Switching Company


Wilmington Terminal Ry.
North Carolina Short Line 4/1/17


Wilson Railway Supply Co.
Iowa Dealer


Wimpey Materials
Nationwide Gravels


Winchester & Western RR
East Coast Short Line 7/10/16


Windsor & Hantsport RR
Canadian Short Line


Windsor Essex & Lake Shore Rapid Ry.
Ontario Traction Line


Winifrede RR
West Virginia Coal Line 7/6/16


Winnipeg Electric Co.
Manitoba Trolley Line


Winnipeg Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg Ry.
Manitoba Interurban Line


Winnipesaukee & Pemigewasset Valley RR
Winnipesaukee RR
New Hampshire Short Line


Winston-Salem Ry & Electric Co
North Carolina trolley line


Wiregrass Central RR
A Gulf & Ohio line


Wisconsin & Calumet RR
Fallen Flag


Wisconsin & Michigan
Abandoned in 1938


Wisconsin & Michigan RR
Failed tourist and short line


Wisconsin & Southern
Wisconsin Regional 4/1/17


Wisconsin Central Ltd.
Index 3/22/17


Wisconsin Central Ry
Index 2/5/17


Wisconsin Electric Power Co.
See Milwaukee Electric Ry & Light Co.


Wisconsin Electric Ry.
Oshkosh-Neenah Trolley Line


Wisconsin Fish Commission
Babies to the Creeks


Wisconsin Gas & Electric Co.
Kenosha and Racine Services


Wisconsin Great Northern RR
Tourist Line 10/15/16


Wisconsin Power & Light Co.
The Orange Line


Wisconsin Public Service Co.
Green Bay Traction 10/11/16


Wisconsin Steel Co.
Illinois Fallen Flag


Wisconsin Traction Light Heat & Power Co.
A TM subsidiary  


Wisconsin Valley Public Service Co.
Wausau Street Ry.
Wisconsin Traction Line


Wisconsin Ry Light & Power Co.
Mississippi Valley Public Service Co.
Minnesota trolleys 4/3/17


Withrow Locomotive Co.
Florida Dealer


Wolf Creek Ordnance
Tennessee Fallen Flag


Wolfeboro RR
New Hampshire Fallen Flag Tourist Line


Woodhouse Terminal
Texas Docks


Alan Wood Steel Co.
Pennsylvania Fallen Flag


Woodward Iron Co.
Alabama Steel Works 10/6/16


Worthington Industries
Metal Processor


Wuppertaler Strassenbahn
German Trams


Wurzburger Strassenbahn
German Trams


Wyandotte Southern RR
Michigan Fallen Flag Switching Road 12/15/16


Wyandotte Terminal RR
Michigan Fallen Flag Switching Road


Wyoming-Colorado RR
Short Line


Wyoming Railcar
Lithcote Co.

Car Rebuilder


Wyoming Ry.
Fallen Flag



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