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Don's Rail Photos

Chicago Transit Authority


Pullman Cars 101-700 1/19/18
Pressed Steel Cars 701-750
Pullman Cars 751-1100

St. Louis Cars 1101-1423
"Bowling Alley" Cars 1429-1505 1/12/18
Chicago Railways Cars 1506-1720 1/7/18
"169 Cars", "Broadway-States" Cars 1721-1785, 2859, 3119-3178, 6155-6198 1/16/18
Chicago Railways Cars Flexible Flyers 1800-1999 1/13/18
St Louis 1902 "Robertson" Cars 2501-2625 1/16/18
St. Louis 1903 "Robertson" Rebuilds 2701-2780
Calumet &South Chicago Ry St. Louis 1901 "Robertson" Rebuilds 2801-2815 1/19/18
Calumet Electric Ry Cars 2816-2840
South Chicago City Railway Cars 2841-2858
Safety Cars, "Sewing Machines" 2904-2922, 3092-3118
Brill Cars 3000-3089, 6000-6137
Odd 17 Cars 3090-3091, 6138-6146
"Sun Parlor" Cars 3179-3201
Multiple Unit Cars 3202-3231, 6199-6279
Brill-American-Kuhlman Cars 5001-5650
Nearside Cars 5703-5827
Peter Witt Sedans

Experimental Passenger Cars
Pre-War PCCs

Post-War St. Louis PCCs

Post-War Pullman PCCs
Electric Trolley Buses

Surface Non-Revenue Equipment

South Side Rapid Transit Cars 1/19/18
Northwestern Rapid Transit Cars
Metropolitan-West Side Rapid Transit Cars
Lake Street Rapid Transit Cars
Cincinnati Steel Cars 1/19/18
Articulated 5000s 
Single Unit PCC Cars 1-50
St. Louis PCC Cars 6001-6200
St. Louis PCC Cars 6201-6720
Pullman 1964 Cars 2001-2180
Budd 1969-70 Cars 2201-2350
Boeing-Vertol Cars 2401-2500
Budd 1982 Cars 2601-3200
Morrison-Knudsen Cars 3201-3456
El Locomotives and Non-Revenue Equipment 1/16/18
Surface Non-Revenue Equipment 1/9/18


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