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Don's Rail Photos

The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.

The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Transport Co.


City Cars 1-99
City Cars 101-500 9/26/17
City Cars 500-599 12/9/17
City Cars 601-660 9/27/17
City Cars 701-750
City Cars 751-760
City Cars 800-899 4/25/17
City Cars 900-999
Articulated Trains 1031-1050
Interurban Cars 1001-1025 10/24/17
Interurban Cars 1st 1101-1110
Interurban Cars 2nd 1101-1110 9/15/17
Kuhlman built interurbans
Interurbans 1142-1145
Duplex Interurbans
Trailers 1201-1258 11/12/17
Miscellaneous Passenger Cars
A Series Line Cars
B Series Sweepers 7/14/17
C Series Plows
D Series Utility Cars 11/7/17
E Series Flat Cars
F Series Dump Cars
J Series Sprinkler Cars
L Series Locomotives 11/21/17
M Series Express Cars 11/6/17
Miscellaneous Non-Revenue Equipment 5/19/17
Electric Trolley Buses
Motor Buses
Route 10 Wells-Farwell 5/7/17
Route 11 State-Howell
Route 12 12th-Wisconsin
Route 15 Oakland-Delaware
Route 16 Vliet-1st Street
Route 17 State-Wisconsin
Route 18 National-Fond du Lac
Route 19 3rd-Burnham 11/14/17
Route 20 8th-Muskego
Route 21 North Ave
Route 22 Center St
Route 27  27th Street
Route 37  3rd-13th
East Troy Line 5/21/17
Burlington Line
Port Washington-Sheboygan Line 7/27/17
Waukesha-Watertown Line 11/21/17
Rapid Transit Line
Lakeside Belt Line
Cold Spring Shops
Car Barns
Waukesha Gravel Pit
Special Trains and Fantrips



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