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Don's Rail Photos

Union Pacific




2-10-2s 8/16/17
4-8-2s 8/15/17
Alco Passenger Diesels

Alco Freight Diesels
Alco Diesel Road Switchers
Alco Diesel Switchers
Alco RS27 Diesels
Alco C855 Diesel
Electro-Motive Passenger Diesels 4/12/17
Electro-Motive F Diesels
Electro-Motive GP7 Diesels 4/16/17
Electro-Motive GP9 Diesels 3/20/17
Electro-Motive GP15 Diesels 6/28/17
Electro-Motive GP20 Diesels   6/13/17
Electro-Motive GP30 Diesels 3/20/17
Electro-Motive GP35 Diesels 1/3/17
Electro-Motive GP38 Diesels 7/11/17
Electro-Motive GP38-2 Diesels 9/5/17
Electro-Motive Rebuilt GP38-3 Diesels
Electro-Motive GP39-2 Diesels 8/30/17

Electro-Motive GP40 Diesels 5/22/17
Electro-Motive GP40X Diesels
Electro-Motive GP40-2 Diesels 1/24/17
Electro-Motive GP40P-2 Diesels 5/2/17
Electro-Motive Rebuilt GP40 Diesels 9/13/17
Electro-Motive GP50 Diesels   6/1/17
Electro-Motive GP59ECO Diesels
Electro-Motive GP60 Diesels 8/6/16
Electro-Motive GP62 Diesels
Electro-Motive SD24 Diesels 2/6/17
Electro-Motive SD38-2 Diesels
Electro-Motive SD40 Diesels   5/23/17
Electro-Motive SD40-2 Diesels   9/4/17
Electro-Motive Rebuilt SD40N Diesels7/28/16
Electro-Motive Rebuilt SD40-2R Diesels
Electro-Motive Rebuilt SD40M-2 Diesels 1/13/17
Electro-Motive SD40T-2 Diesels   9/17/17
Electro-Motive SD45 Diesels
Electro-Motive ex Southern Pacific SD45M Diesels
Electro-Motive SD45T-2 Diesels 3/23/17
Electro-Motive SD50 Diesels 3/31/17
General Motors Rebuilt SD59M-2 Diesels
Electro-Motive SD60 Diesels   7/3/17
Electro-Motive SD60M Diesels
Electro-Motive SD70M Diesels 8/25/17

Electro-Motive SD70ACe Diesels   7/9/17
Electro-Motive SD90MAC Diesels
Electro-Motive DD35 Diesels
Electro-Motive DDA40X Diesels
Electro-Motive NW2 Diesels 1/13/17
Electro-Motive MP15 Diesels 7/20/17
Electro-Motive SW7 Diesels 7/11/17
Electro-Motive SW9 Diesels
Electro-Motive Rebuilt SW10 Diesels 5/7/17
Electro-Motive SW1500 Diesels 7/1/17
Electro-Motive TR5 Diesels
Fairbanks Morse Diesels
General Electric U23B Diesels
General Electric U25B Diesels 6/14/17
General Electric U28B Diesels
General U30C Diesels
General Electric Rebuilt C36M Diesels
General Electric U50 Diesels
General Electric B23-7 Diesels

General Electric B30-7 Diesels
General Electric B30-7A Diesels 5/16/17
General Electric C30-7 Diesels 2/19/17
General Electric B36-7 Diesels
General Electric C36-7 Diesels

General Electric B40-8 Diesels 6/1/17
General Electric C40-8 Diesels 5/17/17

General Electric C40-8W Diesels 5/12/17
General Electric C41-8 Diesels
General Electric C41-8W Diesels
General Electric C44-9W Diesels 8/30/17
General Electric AC4400CW Diesels  4/27/17
General Electric ES44AC Diesels 6/2/17
General Electric AC6000CW Diesels
General Electric AC6000CW Converted Diesels 10/1/16
Morrison Knudsen MK1200G Diesels
General Electric Diesel Switchers
Motive Power International MP20GP Diesels
Railpower GG20BD Diesels
Railpower RP20BD Locomotives 7/9/17
Railpower RP20CD Diesels
Control Car Remote Control Locomotives 7/27/17
Maintenance Locomotives
Motor Cars 1/24/17
Rolling Stock
Motor Coaches (Buses)  
Unusual Consist
Diesels in Oklahoma


Los Angeles & Salt Lake Ry.
Steam Locomotives


Oregon Short Line
Steam Locomotives  
Rolling Stock


Oregon-Washington Ry & Navigation Ry,
Fallen Flag 


Union Pacific Lease


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